Re: Complementary Currencies and Intent Casting [former: Deprecation Warnings for currencies used in transaction?]

On 01/03/2014 02:48 PM, Joseph Potvin wrote:
> 1. Choice of Currency
> In my previous reply I used the phrase "medium of exchange", since buyer
> and seller can agree on anything they wish. This would be feasible in
> the choice of currency and choice of pricing indices model already
> discussed on this list and at
not sure if you noticed recent reply from Martin Hepp on GoodRelations 
list: "Quick answer: The textual definitions in GoodRelations will soon 
be polished to reflect the fact that the compensation for a certain 
offer can include non-monetary assets (e.g. barter trade)."

BTW i subscribed to notifications from that issue yesterday and try to 
read it ASAP

> 2. Intent-Casting Plugin for WebPayments(?)
> Do you agree it's best considered as a potential plug-in?  (Note, each
> of the price index projects is also external to the WebPayments project.)
+1 on extension mechanism

> 3. Plural Economy (PolyEconomy)
> Big topic with a long history.
> See:
> Happy to discuss outside this list (... maybe a sub-reddit?)
awesome! let's take it off this list and anyone interested can just ping 
one of us for link later on...

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