Deprecation Warnings for currencies used in transaction?

Aloha o/

I would like to work on recommendation explaining how to issue 
deprecation warnings for currencies of one's own choice. In case someone 
doesn't feel familiar with concept of deprecation, please just see 
article on Wikipedia[1]

Big part of my work in last years focuses on supporting development of 
great diversity of currencies[2] with personal focus on non-monetary 
currencies. Personally I already deprecated use of monetary currencies 
over 4 years ago, and as various alternatives become more established I 
would see such move as something everyone might realistically consider 
to make!

Now, to play it *fair*. I would like that people who still chose to use 
certain currencies (especially those specified in ISO 4217[3]), and 
already plan to quit using them in very near future, while doing so 
could issue proper deprecation warnings. Myself I will soon strictly 
require issuing such warnings in situations when someone uses any of ISO 
4217 currencies, to acquire an asset with intention of making it 
available to me / projects I work on (eg. registering a domain name, 
buying train ticket etc.) I consider it *not fair* to transfer certain 
monetary currency, quit using it silently together with majority of 
other people, and this way leave the other peer with a virtual number 
now useless in practice...

Looking at Web Payments: Commerce Vocabulary spec[4]. Transaction seems 
to me like a proper place to include such warnings. At this moment one 
could possibly only put it in plain old rdfs:comment[5] which has range 
of rdfs:Literal. I would prefer that each warning has proper IRI and 
links back to transaction (preferably even embedding it). Can we add 
such feature to Commerce Vocabulary or I should look for a way to 
shomehow extend it? PayeeRule also sounds like possible place to mention 
it as well!

Thank you for all suggestions :)


Received on Thursday, 2 January 2014 12:32:45 UTC