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Just a comment on the "95% of mobile subscriptions are prepaid". What do
you think is the issue with that?

Pre-paid phones can technically use carrier billing just as well as
contract ones, with the difference that charges come out of the prepaid
credit rather than being sent on a bill to the user. This actually makes it
even better for some transactions since the credit can be checked
immediately and with less bad debt risk (think of it as debit card
transaction versus credit card transaction, the money is taken immediately
from the account so no risk of it not being paid later)

Would love to hear if you think there's something there that I may be

As I see it, the main barriers of adoption for prepaid billing are the
carriers themselves I'm afraid ;) Also, in most national regulations
carrier billing is mostly limited to virtual goods (eg: apps, ringtones,
subscriptions...) so not aplicable to all payment cases, but that may
change as things progress



On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 7:17 AM, Stephane Boyera <> wrote:

> I don't know the amount of credit we can give to this analyst/article, but
> the only point I know well, point 6 "Carrier billing is going to explode in
> emerging markets." is totally wrong.
> In markets where usually more than 95% of mobile subscriptions are
> pre-paid, carrier billing is a non-sense. Moreover, the trend and
> investment is in mobile money which is a very different model.
> So yes, emerging markets will not sure CC for payment, but mobile money.
> steph
> Le 30/01/2014 11:18, Anders Rundgren a écrit :
>> boldest-predictions-for-the-digital-payments-industry-in-2014
>> I'm personally unconvinced that NFC is dead.  It is the idea that
>> operators will replace banks which died.
>> An "untangled" NFC such as featured in Android "KitKat" may revitalize
>> the NFC.
>> Wallets is another strange thing.  To me a wallet is a device/function
>> holding payment objects.  Converting the holder into a business seems like
>> an awfully crummy scheme.
>> Well, physical wallets cost a few bucks but a SW counterpart is just a
>> bunch of bytes and shouldn't cost anything.
>> OTOH, the only thing we know about predicting the future, is that it has
>> proven to be impossible.
>> But we all try, don't we? :-)
>> Anders
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