Re: Programmable Distributed Governance

On 01/28/2014 12:00 AM, Michael J. Williams wrote:
> hi,
> i'm also thinking about distributed governance with regards to markets:
> my plan is to leverage
> [holons]( as a
> building block to structure complex systems like economies, through the
> web payment specs. i see potential as a way to scale cooperatives and
> make them more effective. with regards to voting specifically, a friend
> has some thoughts:
> which could be applied for each holon.
> i'd love to collaborate with anyone interested in this space, especially
> on open source node.js code. :)
please check out: &

pure javascript - node.js + browserify goodness!
in next days also i plan to include in it and some experiments with

we also build it with *Holopticism* in mind:
also similar video about *Currency*:

concepts heavily used in circles of and (website down) you can check out 
collaboration between those two projects aiming for easy way of creating 
all kind of currencies: |

i just started very recently a W3C CG where i hope to invite people from 
those projects as well:

i'll announce this group officially once i publish there example draft 
of currency based on *shares of real world assets*

* 5L of E95 petrol available at Shell gas stations
* 300km of 2nd class travel on European RailWays
* 20kWh of electricity available in Berlin's grid
* 25 days of desk/days in network of coworking spaces

i would like to make sure that one can Transfer such Web Currencies 
using Web Payments :)

some other use cases i would like to cover: Networked Barter as 
implemented for example by friends working on EconomyApp:

apologies for such rushed answer, i should have more time once i make my 
way hitchhiking to -- BTW thanks Joel for giving 
me a lift there few weeks ago for #LOTE3 :D


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