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On 01/06/2014 12:31 PM, Joseph Potvin wrote:
> (a) Are the W3C comms people okay with "preliminary draft proposal 
> for a standard" ?

I checked, no they are not. They are uneasy with the use of "standard"
or "specification" to describe any work that has not been accepted by
the W3C Membership. I believe the word that we're settling on is
"report", that seems to be the thing that the W3C Membership is
complaining the least about.

> (b) Huh? A pig? Is there some metaphorical connection?  Not Orwell's 
> Animal Farm surely :-)

Allusions to piggy banks (storing for the future), happiness (as happy
as a pig in mud), foraging (searching for something better), etc. The
Chinese astrological sign for the pig says that being born in the year
of the pig makes you honest, diligent and kind. Pigs also express human
traits that cover the full gamut, from generosity to greed (one could
draw many parallels there w/ money).

It's also something that's easy to brand, having a mascot that is. From
a creative standpoint, it's easier to visually brand something that can
take on human characteristics than it is to brand something inanimate
that has no human characteristics.

That said, the pig probably doesn't work for the 1.6 billion people in
the world that are Muslim:

So, we should probably try to find another logo. :P

Personally, I'm not that fond of the international symbol for currency
because it's really hard to build any sort of emotional attachment to
it. That said, Apple's doing pretty well with their logo, although I'd
be surprised if most of the people "wearing" Apple products know what it
means. In that vein, I'd say the international symbol for currency is
better. As you can tell, I'm torn. :)

-- manu

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