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"fixed" property of "length" facet

"fixed" property of "length" facet.

##other for anyAttribute

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<attributeGroup ref="..." use="prohibited"/> not in spec

[Fwd: Re: Survey for XML Schema CR-37: Default prefix for schema namespace]

[Fwd: XML Schema Part 2 should provide BNF for all primitive types.]

[Re: {item type description} of lists derived by restriction]

A critique of constraining facets

A critique of fundamental facets

A Curious and Interesting Opportunity!!

A decouvrir

About those "non-deterministic content model" errors

About XML Schema Structures Part

ADV: High Search Engine Rankings


Allow CDATA sections in strings

An Invitation from the Asia-Pacific Rim

another error in "List Type" example in Schema Primer


Arbortext dissent on OASIS request to allow locating schemas via public ids

attribute declration's use property and restriction

Attributes and content model within complexType

Attributes and extension

base64Binary and hexBinary

Beta 4

binary datatype

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broken page

builtin type for contentType (aka mime type)


Buying a home? Self employed? Hard to qualify? 1245

Changes to date/time datatypes

Character reference in regular expressions

Clarification Request: Exclusive-Inclusive Derivations

Comment on double data type

Comment on Table 1


Complex-typed fields

ComplexType derivation by restriction

confusing footnote

Constraining facets for ID,IDREF,ENTITY, QName & NOTATION

CR 24 - Commentator (AsIr S VeDaMuThU) is satisfied

CR 47 Response: Allow simple types to be final? abstract?

CR Feedback and Implementation

CR-14 value space of entities, notations, IDREFs

CR-15 response: Value Space of ID

CR-18 Response: Validating XPointer IDREFs?

CR-20 wildcard-minus: Make wildcard namespace selection more powerful?

CR-21: Drop use of xsi:type as determinant for unions?

CR-22: Allow negative scale? WG response

CR-25 response: Change the name of the CDATA Type

CR-31 Response: Should xml:lang be allowed by default in all complex types?

CR-33 adding a formal grammar for regexes

CR-34 response: Clarify restriction and extension of wildcard attributes

CR-37 Response: Change the namespace defaults in DTD for Schemas?

CR-39 Permitting ID attribute on facet element information items

CR-40: Changed default value of block?

CR-41 resolution

CR-44 response: should xsi:type be dropped?

CR-48: Change canonical form of URIs for builtin datatypes and facets

CR-49: XPath subset: Use subset not full XPath for Key and KeyRef

CR-50 response: IDREF and Union Types

CR-53 Response: Add built-in base64Binary and hexBinary types?

CR-55: Restore 0 and 1 as Boolean values

CR-56: Specify text/xml or application/xml

Datatypes, Section 5.2.5 (3/16/2001)

Default values for block and final

Defaulted values and identity_constraint checking

Definition of "\w" multi-character escape

definition of "language" type

defn "string" across XML infoset/query/schema, I18N specs

Derivation by Extension: {content type} of {base type definition}

derivation by list

Derivation by restriction

Digit required before/after decimal point?

E-mailPublicity A-3043

ECMAScript and XML Schemas -- parallels?

Error in datatypes.dtd

error in example in Schema primer

Error in the spec

Error in the spec (#2)

Error in the spec (#3)

examples of date, month, year and century in XML Schema

exclusive enumeration

Feedback about XML schema CR

Feedback on candidate recommendation

Feedback on precision of Decimal type.

fixed attribute on enumeration and pattern facets

float/double :conversion from lexical space to value space


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Help with {base type definition} for lists and unions

How do I

How to use list?

Identity constraints and default namespace

Image Communications Inc..

Implementation comments

Implementation difficulty

Import and change target namespace is desirable

include and import

incomplete sentence in Schema primer

Inconsistency between Primer and Structures

inconsistency in PR vis. simpleType final attribute

inconsistency in Schema Structures PR vis. element block attribute

Inheritance and Identity-constraint

Is "final" attribute inherited?

Is inifinite precision of dateTime mandatory for all processors?

Is there an indicator for the root element?

Is there an indicator or constraint on the root element?

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itemType for list

key/keyref in XML Schema


LC-16 ( LC-132 ): Allow arbitrary order with occurrence > 1

Lexical space Vs Value space

Lexical value of "duration" type.

lexical value of decimal type

lexical value of timeDuration

List Type Delimiter?

list, union values of blockDefault in <schema>, should be finalDefault values instead?

locating schemas via public ids

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Meaning of block="substitution"?

Meaning of fixed attribute on pattern facet where more than one pattern element is present and not all say fixed

MIME type of XML Schema

minExclusive < maxInclusive?

minor typo in Abstract, I think

Mixed type fields

Modifying whiteSpace facet


More on QName expansion

MPEG-7 Problem Issues and Queries

name discrepancy in 2.8

Names of identity constraint definitions

Naming inconsistency


nonPositiveInteger should allow +0

Omission in <element> constraint in Schema Structures spec

Order relation of gMonth type

order relation of timeDuration

order relation of timeDuration [let timeDuration be a union]

order relationship of "year"

Part 0 - Clause 4.1

Part 1 - Clause 4.3.2

Part 2 (Datatypes): whiteSpace not fixed

Pattern facet for boolean

Persistent skin problem? 32465

Personal reply to Edd Dumbill's XML Hack Article wrt W3C XML Schema

please remove relation '<=' from "duration" type.

Pointless use of simpleType

Poorly researched observations on <xsd:key>, <xsd:keyref> and <xs d:unique>

Poorly researched observations on <xsd:key>, <xsd:keyref> and <xsd:unique>

precise definition needed for establishing identity between components that may appear multiple times (via import)

Problem in canonical representation of "time" type.

problem with the structures DTD

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Question about inheritance/derivation in the XML-Schema datatype specification

question on attributes

range facet of ENTITY type



Redefinition : validity of the redefined schema

Redefinition : validity of the redefined schema [error fixed]

redefinition of schema components

Reg. database connectivity in XML

request for clarification: "validation rule: datatype valid"

Resolution of CR-16

Resolution of CR-35

Resolution of CR-51

resolution of issue CR-43

Resolution to CR-17

Resolution to CR-36

responses to i18n last call issues (LC-47, LC-as presented 2001-03-02

scale facet for integer

Schema DTD doesn't allow xmlns attributes on <annotation>

schema error

Schema Parsing

schema redefinitions [ schema A redefines schema B and B redefines A]

schemas: can I restrict an elem's content based on att value

schemas: can I restrict an elem's content based on att value?

Scoping of IDREF value space when doing selective validation

semantics of "length" facet

semantics of whitespace facet

Seperating simple and complex types

simple types = complex types (sometimes) ?

Simple types: Part 1 versus Part 2

SimpleContent question


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Some about facets etc...

SOX reference

Specifying Datatype Atoms in Regular Expressions

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Streaming Validation

String values with spaces in Enumerations

style change in section 2.2.2 "Global Elements and Attributes"

Substitution Groups?


Templates in W3C XML Schemas

total order of float

typo in section 2.2.2 "Global Elements and Attributes"

Unicode database non-normative reference

unique/key/keyref identity-constraints

unresolved MPEG-7 queries/issues

URIs and information typing

URIs for primitive datatypes and facets?

URIs for primitive datatypes and facets? (CR-48)

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what does "finite-length" mean?

what should I expect for validation of attributes of type QNa me?

what should I expect for validation of attributes of type QName?

what should I expect for validation of attributes of typeQNam e?

what should I expect for validation of attributes of typeQName?

Wht '<=' ? rather than '<'?

Why to use unique, key and keyref XML Schema elements

XML schema DTD not well formed?

XML Schema features

XML Schema feedback

XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes

XML Schema: Formal Description is now published

XML Schemas: Best Practices (touches XHTML modularization als o)

xmlschema-formal: incorrect component constructor

xmlschema-formal: Inference rules

xmlschema-formal: more comments

xmlschema-formal: targetNamespace problems

xmlschema-formal: wildcard processing

XSDL best practices question/suggestions

xsi:null is not the same as DB NULL

{item type description} of lists derived by restriction

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