Re: Inconsistency between Primer and Structures

I sympathise with your plight.  As soon as XPath supports types, it
will be easy to do what you want -- just used a type-based XPath for
your three selectors.

Until then I recommend the following:  Put a fixed attribute
declaration for an attribute called e.g. namespaceName on each of your 
three core types, i.e.

  <attribute name="namespaceName" type="token" use="fixed" value="Sensor"/>
  <attribute name="namespaceName" type="token" use="fixed" value="Location"/>
  <attribute name="namespaceName" type="token" use="fixed" value="Component"/>

This will be inherited by all subtypes, and appear in the infoset for
all instances.  Then your unique's can be

  <xs:unique name="UniqueSensors">
   <xs:selector xpath="//*[@namespaceName='Sensor']"
   <xs:field xpath="@name"/>


Hope this helps

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