Re: CR-31 Response: Should xml:lang be allowed by default in all complex types?


Many thanks for your mail.  The I18N WG's formal response is in:


On 04/03/2001 21:38:22 Asir S Vedamuthu wrote:
> Dear i18N working group,
> The W3C XML Schema Working Group has spent the last several weeks working
> through the comments received from the public on the Candidate
> Recommendation (CR) of the XML Schema specification. We thank you for the
> comments you made on our specification during our CR comment period, and
> want to make sure you know that all comments received during the CR comment
> period have been recorded in our CR issues list
> (
> You raised the point registered as issue CR-31, Should xml:lang be allowed
> by default in all complex types?,
> Resolution - the <redefine/> mechanism provides precisely the requested
> functionality:
> xml:lang can be added to types defined without it; Bidi markup can be added
> to types with mixed content which did not provide for it as defined.
> Limitations - elements defined with simple types cannot be redefined to have
> mixed content.
> Amelioration - The type library will define a 'text' type, and the Primer
> will recommend its use. This has mixed content and allows any internal
> markup.
> It would be helpful to us to know whether you are satisfied with the
> decision taken by the WG on this issue, or wish your dissent from the WG's
> decision to be recorded for consideration by the Director of the W3C.
> Regards,
> Asir S Vedamuthu
> XML Schema Working Group

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