Re: CR-49: XPath subset: Use subset not full XPath for Key and KeyRef

"Andy Clark" <> writes:

> > SOrry for the confusion -- yes, the _only_ proposed allowed use is .//x
> Thanks for the clarification.
> >> But they have different types and it's unclear which type
> >> should be used for the value space comparison. How can you
> >> [...]
> >
> > One implementation strategy would be to simply collect pairs of
> > [string,type], and to compare equal iff
> Okay, I can see how this could work but it seems counter-
> intuitive to me to have a collection of field values whose
> types can change.

How change?  Each result of a field query has whatever type it has.
Note this is a very marginal case, in that using a path expr to define 
a field that actually may resolve to two different elements/attribute
with the same name is pretty unlikely.

> P.S. What was the use case for ancestor::x/@?

See the example in the spec. itself -- when you actually want
reference into multiple scopes, you'll need a property of the scoping
element to distinguish one scope from another.

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