Re: ECMAScript and XML Schemas -- parallels?

Alexander Vincent writes:

>> However, many of the data types we see in XML Schemas 
>> appear (to me at least) to correspond to many of the basic 
>> object definitions in ECMAScript, 3rd edition ( ).
>> Nonetheless, the correlations between the data types both 
>> provide, at least on the surface to this novice, is astounding. 
>> Both provide rules for regular expressions, dates, and numbers...

Well, one answer is that it was a goal [1] that we provide datatypes 
suitable for integrating XML with commonly used programming languages, 
applications and databases.   JavaScript/ECMAScript is surely one of those 
languages.  If you are implying that we have succeeded astoundingly well, 
then on behalf of the workgroup, I thank you!


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Received on Friday, 23 March 2001 23:08:24 UTC