nonPositiveInteger should allow +0

If I've understood the decimal type correctly, 0, +0 and -0 all
represent the same value.  Derivation by restriction restricts the value
space of the base type (except possibly for the pattern facet). This
means that if a type is derived from decimal not using the pattern
facet, then if any of 0, +0 and -0 are in the lexical space, all of them
must be.

However, nonPositiveInteger describes its lexical space as

nonPositiveInteger has a lexical representation consisting of a negative
sign ("-") followed by a finite-length sequence of decimal digits
(#x30-#x39). If the sequence of digits consists of all zeros then the
sign is optional.

This allows -0 and 0 but not +0.


Received on Wednesday, 10 January 2001 22:23:59 UTC