Feedback about XML schema CR

	I read in XML hack that the W3C was going to take more comments on
the XML schema CR.  Well here are my views, they are high level, but none
the less have impact with regards to our business.

	I find the XMLSchema too complex.  It is far too broad and opaque
from most normal people's views.  We have been using SOX for the last year
and I have found that with the slim tutorial I have been able to do most of
what I would like to do with a fixed schema language.

	This lack of transparency means that it is too complex to explain my
usage of it to my customers who I need to do business with.  There are two
many nuances and complex markup that lead to misunderstandings.

	I am involved in trying to agree vocabularies and transaction
documents to do business with.  Semantics is hard enough without having cope
with a complex syntax as well.

	If I had my way you would put XMLschema CR to one side, and come out
quickly with a subset of XMLschema that is a more natural move from DTD that
the large leap to XMLschema.

	Thanks,  the guys involved put in a lot of work on this one, and I
appreciate you tried to do something that would work.  However, I feel it is
a step too far and needs reworking.  It is better to be right that to be
quick on this one.

Martin M.E. Roberts
xml designer, BTexaCT
01473 643775

Received on Friday, 9 March 2001 08:52:06 UTC