derivation by list

Dear, XML Schema WG members,

I have a couple of questions about derivation by list

(1) What happens if itemType can legally have whitespaces as its lexical


<simpleType name="foo">
  <restriction base="string">
    <enumeration value="abc def" />
    <enumeration value="ghi jkl" />

<simpleType name="bar">
  <list itemType="foo" />

Should "abc def ghi jkl" be considered as a legal lexical value?

(2) What is the point of allowing derivation of list type by list?
    How can the implementation distinguish inner-list from outer-list?

(3) In section 5.1.2, about the lexical space of list, the spec says

> whose lexical space is composed of white space separated lists of
> literals of the itemType. 

But what is the formal definition of "white space" here? Is it just #x20
or one of the #x9,#xA,#xD, and #x20? Is multiple characters allowed or


Received on Tuesday, 30 January 2001 22:46:30 UTC