please remove relation '<=' from "duration" type.

Dear XML Schema WG members,

In section, the spec says (about partial order) that

> The notation a <> b is used to indicate the case when a != b and
> neither a < b nor b < a 

In my understanding, this means for every a,b

a < b   or   a > b   or   a = b    or   a <> b

However in a table of section, we can find things like 
"P1Y >= P365D".

What does this '>=' means?

Since "P1Y != P365D", and neither "P1Y < P365D" nor "P1Y > P365D",
it must be "P1Y <> P365D", isn't it.

I understand that "P1Y >= P365D" is intuitive, but this is apparently
inconsistent with the definition.

Even worse, the order relation of "duration" is defined in terms of "<="

Please clarify this issue and

* define order-relation of "duration" in terms of "<".
* remove definition of "<=", since it should be naturally defined as

  a <= b    <=>   a < b  or  a = b


Received on Monday, 19 March 2001 20:22:53 UTC