Re: ##other for anyAttribute

One feature, one bug :-(

James Clark <> writes:

> I was trying to figure out what 
>  <anyAttribute namespace="##other"/>
> means.  Suppose my target namespace is "", and
> suppose I have an element "foo" in that namespace which declares
> <anyAttribute namespace="##other"/>.
> My reading of the spec was that:
>   <eg:foo eg:xyzzy="whatever" xmlns:eg=""/>
> would not be valid, but

Correct -- ##other means "qualified with NS other than the target . . ."

and this is qualified with the target, so invalid.

>   <eg:foo xyzzy="whatever"/>
> would be valid, which is not what I would expect

Agreed wrt you expectation.  We could/should special-case this wrt
attribute wildcards.

> (and apparently not what XSV implements).  So I guess I'm missing
> something in the spec.

No, just a bug in XSV :-(  Weird -- the code explicitly special-cases
this for attributes, just as I said we could do above -- let me check
the spec. a little harder . . . no, definitely nothing there.  When I
wrote that bit of the code, I clearly thought you were right.  I'll
raise this with the WG.

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