Re: attribute declration's use property and restriction

There is a constraint that you can't get rid of a required attribute
by restriction (see clause 1.3 of [1]), but neither this nor the
mapping text makes clear that the effective type must still have the
attribute as required, and no prose anywhere says whether the XML
Representation must have 'use="required"' in the restricting

As things stand the schema for schemas has a default of "optional" for 
'use', so in fact I think strictly speaking you're right that the
definition for "numFacet" you cite, namely:

<complexType name="facet">
    <extension base="annotated">
       <attribute name="value" use="required"/>

<complexType name="numFacet">
      <restriction base="facet">
         <attribute name="value" type="nonNegativeInteger"/>

is in fact broken.  Indeed if I look at the reflected PSVI for this I
find that the 'value' attribute of numFacet is optional, although the
'value' attribute of facet is required.  It's obvious how to fix the
schema for schemas, but we should probably make a principled decision
about the XML Representation/mapping issue.


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