Re: Import and change target namespace is desirable

In addition to the comments from Michael and Noah, I'd add that there
is an underlying commitment in the XML Schema design to the integrity
of namespaces.  That is, if you want to deploy your own work as
someone else's, or someone else's as your own, you have leave explicit 
evidence of this.  Wrt one of your use cases, this means that if SOAP
wants to offer a type called 'integer' in its own namespace with the
same 'semantics' as the 'integer' in the XML Schema namespace, it must 
do this openly, i.e. by saying

  <xs:schema xmlns:xs=''
   . . .
   <xs:simpleType name='integer>
    <restriction base='xs:integer'/>
   . . .

If this turns out to be a very common design pattern, perhaps succinct 
support for it should be offered in 1.1, but in my opinion this is not 
crucial for 1.0 as the functionality is already there.

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