Comment on double data type

I think you should reconsider the formatting allowed for the "double" data
type.  Currently, you specify the following:

1267.43233E12, 12.78e-2

I think that for positive exponents, a + sign should be included, for
example, 1267.43E+12.  The reason I feel that this should be added is that
both C++ and FORTRAN output numbers in scientific notation with either a +
or - sign in front of the exponent, and not without.  The same formatting is
done in Microsoft Excel.  In order to write a double in scientific notation
that matches your specifications from C++ or FORTRAN, I have to copy the
number to a string and remove the plus sign, if it exists.  Please take this
into consideration.

Mark Jablin, P.E.
BridgeTech, Inc.
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Received on Wednesday, 21 March 2001 12:54:27 UTC