question on attributes

Hello :

I wanted to ask if W3C Schema standards allow the use of sequential
identical child elements
that are differentiated only by the value of an attribute

For instance OAG BODs make use of attribute values to distinguish identical
elements. for example the
DATETIME element which can be used multiple times by using different values
for the
qualifier attribute.  Thus we have the SHIPMENT element that can have
multiple children
with the same element name DATETIME  but with different attribute values as
seen in the DTD below


the "qualifier" attribute of the child element DATETIME can have up to 68
values so the same element can appear multiple times.  Currently we see this
in both the DTD and xdr versions of OAG BOD 161.  Does the spec for W3C
schema allow
this ?  I was not able to tell from reading your specs so I would very much
appreciate your clarification on if this
is allowed in w3C schema

Thank you very much

Haeran Fisseha
Netfish Technologies, Inc.
(408) 350-9633

Received on Thursday, 8 February 2001 20:59:30 UTC