Re: precise definition needed for establishing identity between components that may appear multiple times (via import)

"Bob Schloss" <> writes:

> The NOTEs that appear at the ends of Structures sections 6.2.1, 6.2.2 and
> 6.2.3 state that
> doing the same include, import or redefine more than once should be
> allowed.
> A phrase is used about "forestalling the necessity of establishing identity
> component
> by component".
> I did not find a definition of component identity in the spec.
> Does identity mean two components
> with the same name (same TNS and same component/local name) and the
> same component type (such as model group, type, global element...)?  


> Or is it two components with the same name, type and the same
> definition (e.g. content models are the same)?  Or is it something
> else?

No and No.

> I imagine a situation where the same schema file is not imported multiple
> times, but
> a defintion in one imported (or included) file is the same as a definition
> in the importing file or in
> a second imported file, and I want to understand if this is an error or
> not.

It's an error.

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