About XML Schema Structures Part


I would like to mention my strong intuitions about XML Schema - Structures
Part. This is a slightly strongly worded mail, because I find that the
*errors are accumulating*, and no efforts are being made to correct the

First of all, I am not sure whether research and decision making is done
by the same group with regard to a schema language for XML, if yes, then I
think it will make the decision making body not so broad-minded to see the
good points of other work, sometimes, it might even make them narrow
minded to hide their mistakes, and not accept them. I would ideally like
the decision making body that decides what should be the standard to be
broad enough and technical enough to understand the merits of every

Regarding XML Schema, I think there already are sufficient proposals and
one of the existing proposals has to be endorsed as a standard, though of
course leaving room for some brilliant new idea. If it is done in pure
broad-mindedness, then I believe the current W3C proposal for XML Schema
has *several irreparable inherent deficiencies* which make it incompatible
to be a standard. In short, it fails short of several features required
for a schema language for DB applications. Also there are several
materials posted such as XML Schema is strictly more expressive than all
other existing schema language proposals, which is wrong. I would like if
such wrong claims are not made, in order that we come to a good schema
language for XML, which I believe and hope is the ultimate goal of the
decision making body.

From my personal research experience, I think the connection between
formal language theory and schema language for XML should be *very*
carefully studied. Also, research is usually co-operative because the
final goal is the same -- come to a good and correct conclusion.

<warning>speaking for himself only</warning>

regards - murali.

Received on Monday, 19 March 2001 16:34:15 UTC