Re: what should I expect for validation of attributes of type QNa me?

"Vun Kannon, David" <> writes:

> > QNames as datatypes in ordinary documents (not XML Schema documents)
> > are just that, qualified names, and are simply constrained to have the
> > right form and to have an appropriate NS declaration in scope.
> > There's no implication that they 'refer' to schema components, or that
> > they should 'resolve' to anything.
> > 
> > ht
> Sadly, I'm not getting even that quality of validation, but I'll have to
> take that up with the vendor.
> I want not just the form of a QName, but the semantics of resolution as
> well. The "XMLSchemaResolvableQName" datatype.
> Or perhaps what I really want is an "onValidate" attribute via which I can
> specify code which will add my own stuff to the PSVI. Then I could write
> <attribute name="measure" type="QName" onValidate="my:resolveQName(this)"/>
> as well as many other things, of course. Sort of like a trigger function in
> a database. Or does this hook exist already?

In a way, yes:  you can add attributes of any name in any namespace
_other_ than to any declaration or 
definition in a schema, and that attribute (or rather a corresponding
information item) will be present in the PSVI, for
application-specific post-processing.  So you write not quite what you 
had above, but

<attribute name="measure" type="QName" my:onValidate="resolveQName(this)"/>

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