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Ulrike Schäfer <> writes:

> The XML Schema Part 0: Primer says:
> ===
> <xsd:element name="anything" type="xsd:anyType" />
> The content of the element declared in this way is unconstrained, so the
> element value may be 423.46, but it may be any other sequence of characters
> as well, or indeed a mixture of characters and elements.
> ===
> I am not quite sure which kinds of elements anyType may contain:
> a) all elements that are *declared* in the current schema
> b) any wellformed elements (may, but don't have to be declared)
> I assume b). Is that correct?
> If so, it seems to me that anyType can be used in a similiar way like the
> "open" schema concept in one of the earlier schema submissions (sox, I
> guess): Some structures in the document can be designed as valid, some as
> wellformed. Is that so?

Sorry to leave your message unanswered for so long.  You are correct
on all counts.

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