Re: XML Schemas: Best Practices (touches XHTML modularization als o)

Curt Arnold wrote

> Alternatively, multiple groups could be allowed in substitutionGroups
attribute and as long as the schema designer based the examplar on the
urType, then you have about the same behavior.

I think this would be a better long-term solution. substitutionGroups are a
safer way of managing inheritance which do not require the document instance
to "carry" the type information all the time.

One question someone might be able to clear up for me. If you create
abstract elements whose models are based on other abstract elements are you
creating multiple inheritances or not? (In ebXML we are using abstract
classes to define sharable components which themselves contain embedded
sharable components.)

Martin Bryan

Received on Tuesday, 9 January 2001 03:44:30 UTC