XML schema DTD not well formed?

How does the use of paramter entities in the DTD for a schema
relate to 4.4.8 of XML1.0,
    When a parmeter-entity reference is recognized in teh DTD and included,
    its replacment text si enlarged by the attacment of one leading
    and one following space

In other words, the following is illegal in XML 1.0 as I understand it:
<!ENTITY prefix 'x:'>
<!ELEMENT %prefix;nwf (Not,well,formed)>

But this is precisely what that DTD in XSchema 1 advocates.

The XML spec continues,
"The intent is to constrain the replacement text
 of parameter entities to contain an integral number of grammatical
 tokens in the DTD."

Half a name isn't an integral numher of tokens, please fix.



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Received on Monday, 5 March 2001 06:10:06 UTC