total order of float

Hello, again.

I found the spec confusing about the order relation of "float" datatype.

(From section 3.2.3)
> of float also contains the following special values: positive and
> negative zero, positive negative infinity and not-a-number. The
> order-relation on float is: x < y iff y - x is positive. 

The order-relation is not given for these special values. Especially,

+0.0 > -0.0?   or  +0.0 == -0.0?

And there is no obvious relation between NaN and other float values. So
I think we need a clear statement about order-relation of those special

Without those relations, float is not a totally-ordered type, isn't it.


Received on Wednesday, 24 January 2001 17:54:09 UTC