from October to December 2012 by thread

[Bug 15209] Provide authors with a way to handle running out of buffers, if that turns out to ever actually happen in practice (Monday, 31 December)

[Bug 15209] Provide authors with a way to handle running out of buffers, if that turns out to ever actually happen in practice (Monday, 31 December)

[Bug 15210] Consider dispatching an event when bufferedAmount drops to 0 (Monday, 31 December)

[web-components] Typos Jens O. Meiert (Thursday, 27 December)

[shadow-dom] text-decoration Jens O. Meiert (Thursday, 27 December)

pointerLock vendor prefixes, shims and usability Florian Bösch (Monday, 24 December)

IndexedDB: IDBOpenDBRequest sequencing Joshua Bell (Friday, 21 December)

[Bug 20480] New: Say something about keys (Friday, 21 December)

[Bug 15254] Don't forbid underscore in host names in URLs (Friday, 21 December)

[ambient light events LC] Feedback Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 18 December)

[Bug 11379] [pending URL spec] definition of hierarchical URL inconsistent with rfc 3986 (Saturday, 15 December)

[Bug 20394] New: [IndexedDB] Spec should use WebIDL concepts such as sequence<T> rather than Array (Friday, 14 December)

RfC: LCWD of "Ambient Light Events"; deadline 26 January 2012 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 14 December)

[XHR] Need to define the behavior when the Window the XHR is created from does not have an associated document Boris Zbarsky (Thursday, 13 December)

Selectors API L1 is a Proposed Recommendation Charles McCathie Nevile (Thursday, 13 December)

Nov 2012 edition of "Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap" Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 12 December)

Review of the <template> spec Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 11 December)

Please add constructors for File and FileList Victor Costan (Monday, 10 December)

Call for Review: Web IDL Testing document Arthur Barstow (Monday, 10 December)

[Bug 20322] New: Document the force preflight flag (Monday, 10 December)

[WebIDL] Representing functions that user code can call Boris Zbarsky (Saturday, 8 December)

[admin] Off-Topic Discussion Policy Arthur Barstow (Friday, 7 December)

RfR: Proximity Events (DAP) Last Call Charles McCathie Nevile (Thursday, 6 December)

[Bug 20257] New: IDBCursor should walk on secondary ordering of index value (Wednesday, 5 December)

IDBCursor should walk on secondary ordering of index value Kyaw Tun (Wednesday, 5 December)

[webcomponents] Custom Components and CSS Regions Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 5 December)

DOM Level 3 Events - minor comments Кошмарчик (Tuesday, 4 December)

[IndexedDB] Closing connection in a versionchange transaction Joshua Bell (Friday, 30 November)

[selectors-api] Matching of :scope in document.querySelector(All) Boris Zbarsky (Friday, 30 November)

Re: [Workers] Worker same-origin and usage in JS libraries... Ian Hickson (Friday, 30 November)

[Bug 20148] New: URLQuery interface does not handle query parameter ordering (Thursday, 29 November)

[Bug 14694] innerHTML in DocumentFragment (Wednesday, 28 November)

[IndexedDB] Straw man proposal for moving spec along TR track Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 28 November)

[Bug 14842] Update createContextualFragment if detached flag is removed (Wednesday, 28 November)

[Bug 14842] Update createContextualFragment if detached flag is removed (Wednesday, 28 November)

Re: Colliding FileWriters David Bruant (Wednesday, 28 November)

[pointer-lock] pointerLockElement should be nullable in the IDL Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 27 November)

[Bug 17974] appcache: Add an API to make appcache support caching specific URLs dynamically (and/or a JS "server" or "interceptor" for uncached resources?) (Monday, 26 November)

CfC: publish WD of DOM; deadline December 2 Arthur Barstow (Sunday, 25 November)

[Bug 18866] Make it clear that localStorage can be cleared by UA at will (Sunday, 25 November)

[Bug 10326] make "user:password" in URLs a SYNTAX_ERR (Saturday, 24 November)

CfC: publish WD of Screen Orientation; deadline November 30 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 23 November)

[admin] XHR ED Boilerplate Arthur Barstow (Friday, 23 November)

[Bug 20045] New: data: URLs, HTTP, and parsing (Thursday, 22 November)

CfC: publish WD of XHR; deadline November 29 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 22 November)

[XHR] Associating XHR instances with documents - clarify spec statement in 4.6.1 Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen (Thursday, 22 November)

[Bug 13681] Make FormData.append return the FormData object (Wednesday, 21 November)

[Bug 16309] meaning of "user interferes with the request"? (Wednesday, 21 November)

[Bug 16295] clarify intention of early termination of abort/send (Wednesday, 21 November)

[Bug 20038] New: Upgrade FormData (Wednesday, 21 November)

RfR: CORS tests - deadline 6 December Odin Hørthe Omdal (Wednesday, 21 November)

Editor change for "Web Application Manifest Format and Management APIs" specification Mounir Lamouri (Wednesday, 21 November)

[fyi] Minutes from Technical Plenary meeting at TPAC 2012 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 20 November)

[admin] Publishing specs before EoY; CfC start deadline is December 2 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 19 November)

[IndexedDB] coupled transactions Kyaw Tun (Sunday, 18 November)

[IndexedDB] Can IDBTransaction.oncomplete callback be used as active state? Kyaw Tun (Sunday, 18 November)

Re: exposing CANVAS or something like it to Web Workers Ian Hickson (Friday, 16 November)

random numbers API Florian Bösch (Friday, 16 November)

CfC: Selectors API Level 1 Test Suite; deadline November 23 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 16 November)

[PE] Start working on Progress Events Jungkee Song (Friday, 16 November)

FileSystem compromise spec Eric U (Friday, 16 November)

Call for Consensus: CORS to Candidate Recommendation Hill, Brad (Thursday, 15 November)

[css3-conditional] Last Call Working Draft for @supports and CSS.supports() fantasai (Thursday, 15 November)

[selectors-api] Editoral Changes and Test Suite Progress Lachlan Hunt (Thursday, 15 November)

[Bug 19969] New: clarify some user name/password and setRequestHeader() Authorize header issues (Thursday, 15 November)

Put request need created flag Kyaw Tun (Wednesday, 14 November)

CfC: publish Candidate Recommendation of Server-Sent Events; deadline November 21 Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 14 November)

[Bug 19955] New: [IndexedDB] Add IDBObjectStore.openKeyCursor (Tuesday, 13 November)

IDBObjectStore require openKeyCursor method Kyaw Tun (Monday, 12 November)

Feedback and questions on shadow DOM and web components Angelina Fabbro (Tuesday, 13 November)

[XHR] ED update Jungkee Song (Tuesday, 13 November)

Making offline apps easier? Charles McCathie Nevile (Monday, 12 November)

Two years on and still no sensible web storage solutions exist Todd Blanchard (Friday, 9 November)

Re: CfC: publish Candidate Recommendation of Widget Updates; deadline May 2 Charles McCathie Nevile (Sunday, 11 November)

[Bug 14828] Import Hixie's tests? (Friday, 9 November)

[Bug 19917] New: Split fullscreenchange event to two separate events (Friday, 9 November)

[IndexedDB] Attributes with undefined vs. null Joshua Bell (Wednesday, 7 November)

[webcomponents]: Changing API from constructable ShadowRoot to factory-like Dimitri Glazkov (Wednesday, 7 November)

[Bug 19878] New: Revert change in Close-reason-unpaired-surrogates.htm ? (Tuesday, 6 November)

[screen-orient] Updated editor draft Mounir Lamouri (Monday, 5 November)

[WebIDL] Typo in platform array object [[GetOwnProperty]] method Boris Zbarsky (Monday, 5 November)

Call for Editor: URL spec Arthur Barstow (Monday, 5 November)

CSP 1.1 DOM design Alex Russell (Sunday, 4 November)

[Bug 19831] New: Investigate overrideMimeType() (Friday, 2 November)

WebApps' File: Writer & File: D&S specs and SysApps' File System and Media Storage specs Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 1 November)

Re: ACTION-669: Work with PLH on an announcement seeking IRC fragments (Web Applications Working Group) Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 1 November)

[webcomponents]: Making Shadow DOM Subtrees Traversable Dimitri Glazkov (Wednesday, 31 October)

Draft Minutes: 30 October 2012 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Clipboard API] The before* events Hallvord R. M. Steen (Tuesday, 30 October)

[webcomponents] More backward-compatible templates Maciej Stachowiak (Tuesday, 30 October)

Re: [quota-api] Need for session storage type Kinuko Yasuda (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Bug 19773] New: Add sandboxed pointer lock flag to HTML Sandboxing (Tuesday, 30 October)

Pre-fetch rough draft Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 30 October)

Event.key complaints? Travis Leithead (Monday, 29 October)

Draft Minutes: 29 October 2012 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 29 October)

[selectors-api] Reference to obsolete ECMAScript Language spec version Norbert Lindenberg (Monday, 29 October)

[Bug 19752] New: Add sandboxed pointer lock flag to HTML Sandboxing (Monday, 29 October)

[Bug 12510] Specs split off from HTML5 (like WebSockets) need to have xrefs linked, otherwise they're ambiguous (Saturday, 27 October)

[webappsec] CORS bug 19315 Hill, Brad (Friday, 26 October)

[Bug 12510] Specs split off from HTML5 (like WebSockets) need to have xrefs linked, otherwise they're ambiguous (Friday, 26 October)

Re: CFC Selectors API L1 to CR/PR Charles McCathie Nevile (Friday, 26 October)

[Bug 18647] Add sandboxed pointer lock flag to HTML Sandboxing (Thursday, 25 October)

Hello From Bo (China Unicom) Bo Hu(联通集团中国联合网络通信有限公司研究院) (Wednesday, 24 October)

Re: Should MutationObservers be able to observe work done by the HTML parser? Ian Hickson (Tuesday, 23 October)

RfC: LCWD of Server-sent Events; deadline November 13 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 23 October)

[selectors-api] Updated Testsuite Lachlan Hunt (Monday, 22 October)

[IDB] Lifetime of IDB objects João Eiras (Monday, 22 October)

[widgets] Does anyone still care about Widget Updates? Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 20 October)

[widgets] XML Digital Signatures for Widgets REC Delayed until at least January 2013 Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 20 October)

[Bug 18653] wrong bug tracker link (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 18188] "relevant namespace object" is not defined in WebIDL anymore. (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 18218] Within the workers text "list of active intervals" can be removed because it is the same as "list of active timers". (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 18080] "This specification introduces two related mechanisms, similar to HTTP session cookies, for storing structured data on the client side." - structured data is no longer supported (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 18033] each MessageChannel acts as its own task source. This means that messages sent using this function are not guaranteed to execute in order, since the order task sources are processed isn't specified. (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 18610] Transferable should expose a close() method (Friday, 19 October)

[webcomponents] Progress Update Dimitri Glazkov (Thursday, 18 October)

Scheduling multiple types of end-of-(micro)task work Rafael Weinstein (Thursday, 18 October)

[Bug 19570] New: Editorial: typo U+00A (missing a 0) (Wednesday, 17 October)

[Bug 19003] Bugs in toNativeLineEndings() (Wednesday, 17 October)

[Bug 17758] Consider using microtasks for autorevoke (Tuesday, 16 October)

[Bug 16953] createObjectURL and oneTimeOnly behavior should be defined in terms of stable state (Tuesday, 16 October)

[Bug 17758] Consider using microtasks for autorevoke (Tuesday, 16 October)

Call for Editor: Progress Events REC track spec Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 16 October)

[admin] New public IRC server refuses passwords Arthur Barstow (Monday, 15 October)

[Bug 18529] Existence of separators in token should throw SyntaxError (Monday, 15 October)

[Bug 18528] Spec is unclear about the case sensitivity of parameter values (Monday, 15 October)

[Bug 18523] Spec is unclear about the restriction on LWS in the attribute/value in the ABNF for media-type (Monday, 15 October)

[Bug 18521] Spec is unclear about lower-casing content types (Monday, 15 October)

[Bug 19540] New: Firing WebStorage storage event (Monday, 15 October)

HTML 5 should include a way to create custom page header & footer for printing. Mircea LUTIC (Sunday, 14 October)

URL work in HTML 5 Larry Masinter (Saturday, 13 October)

full screen api Carr, Wayne (Friday, 12 October)

[Bug 15994] origin attribute (Friday, 12 October)

[Bug 19470] New: Event firing sequence on abort() after send() (Thursday, 11 October)

Fwd: [XHR] Open issue: allow setting User-Agent? Julian Aubourg (Thursday, 11 October)

A little introduction Julian Aubourg (Thursday, 11 October)

[Bug 14773] Investigate if synchronous XHR in window context should not support new XHR responseTypes (Thursday, 11 October)

CfC: publish LCWD of Server-sent Events; deadline Oct 18 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 11 October)

[Bug 16707] user/password set to undefined means missing (Thursday, 11 October)

[Bug 17242] Consider doing anonymous requests as a constructor argument rather than as a separate constructor (Thursday, 11 October)

[clipops] still not clear about event loop Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 11 October)

[Bug 18796] HTTP 204 not specified (Thursday, 11 October)

Re: [Server-Sent Events] Infinite reconnection clarification Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 10 October)

[Bug 15495] Update EventSource model to do automatic reconnect even in the face of network errors (Wednesday, 10 October)

[Bug 19450] New: [IndexedDB] Key path segments should permit reserved words (Wednesday, 10 October)

Re: Proposal to add USB keycodes to the current DOM3 key events Mounir Lamouri (Wednesday, 10 October)

[Bug 16304] DONE != DONE (Wednesday, 10 October)

[IndexeddDB] Definitions of "valid key" and key comparison need to be tightened up Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 9 October)

IndexedDB: undefined parameters Joshua Bell (Tuesday, 9 October)

[announce] WebPlatform Docs: community resource for Web developers and designers Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 9 October)

[Bug 18772] Should getAllResponseHeaders() end with \r\n? (Tuesday, 9 October)

[Bug 17222] treat status code 308 consistently with 301, 302, and 307 (Tuesday, 9 October)

[Bug 16304] DONE != DONE (Tuesday, 9 October)

[XHR] Open issue: allow setting User-Agent? Hallvord R. M. Steen (Tuesday, 9 October)

Reminder: F2F meeting Oct 29-30 in Lyon France; registration deadline Oct 16 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 9 October)

Re: [selectors-api] RfC: LCWD of Selectors API Level 1; deadline July 19 Lachlan Hunt (Monday, 8 October)

[XHR] Jakub Łopuszański (Saturday, 6 October)

[Bug 16302] possible unnecessary insertion of U+0020 SPACE in mime type expression (Saturday, 6 October)

RE: [IndexedDB] Implementation Discrepancies on 'prevunique' and 'nextunique' on index cursor Israel Hilerio (Friday, 5 October)

[Bug 19297] New: May user agents apply additional restrictions on entering pointer lock? (Friday, 5 October)

Re: CfC: publish LCWD of Pointer Lock; deadline Oct 4 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 5 October)

CfC: publish FPWD of Push API; deadline October 12 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 5 October)

Re: Proposal for "Cascading Attribute Sheets" - like CSS, but for attributes! Henri Sivonen (Friday, 5 October)

Re: [push-api] Moving Push API to FPWD [Was: Re: [admin] Publishing specs before TPAC: CfC start deadline is Oct 15] Bryan Sullivan (Friday, 5 October)

[Bug 19283] New: Investigate IDNA2003 separators (Friday, 5 October)

Registration for Test the Web Forward Paris is now open! Rebecca Hauck (Thursday, 4 October)

Re: [selectors-api] Kudos on find/findAll, feedback on spec readability Lachlan Hunt (Thursday, 4 October)

Re: [quota-api] API change suggestions Alexandre Morgaut (Thursday, 4 October)

Re: Moving File API: Directories and System API to Note track? Olli Pettay (Thursday, 4 October)

CfC: publish WD of Shadow DOM; deadline Oct 10 Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 3 October)

[WebIDL] Interface object prototype and function object Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 3 October)

[IndexedDB] Implementation Discrepancies on 'prevunique' and 'nextunique' on index cursor Israel Hilerio (Wednesday, 3 October)

Re: [pointerlock] Is Pointer Lock feature complete i.e. LC ready? [Was: Re: [admin] Publishing specs before TPAC: CfC start deadline is Oct 15] Chris Pearce (Tuesday, 2 October)

[Bug 17264] Add attributes to use ping/pong frames effectively (Tuesday, 2 October)

RE: [XHR] chunked Adrian Bateman (Tuesday, 2 October)

Re: [XHR] chunked Wenbo Zhu (Tuesday, 2 October)

Re: [IndexedDB] blocked event could be an error David Grogan (Monday, 1 October)

RE: In WebIDL, should having a .prototype on interface objects be optional? Travis Leithead (Monday, 1 October)

Re: [admin] Call for Editor for XHR REC track doc Arthur Barstow (Monday, 1 October)

Re: [admin] Publishing specs before TPAC: CfC start deadline is Oct 15 Ted Mielczarek (Monday, 1 October)

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