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[ADTF] status

[ALL, XSCH] Proposed WG Note

[ALL] agenda 23 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] agenda Jan 9 telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] agenda on Staurday

[ALL] extension of SWBPD

[ALL] ODM Chapter review

[ALL] Proposed Minutes from 23 January Telecon

[ALL] RDF/A Primer for review

[ALL] RDF/A Primer for review - Response to Gary Ng's Comments

[ALL] RDF/A Primer for review - Response to Pat Hayes's Comments

[ALL] RDF/A Primer Version

[ALL] xml:base and URIs with hashes

[HTML] comments on RDF/A primer

[MM/ALL/Ralph] Edited minutes of today's MMTF teleconf

[MM/ALL] MM TF teleconf minutes of 26/1/2006

[MM/ALL] Review & teleconf agenda request

[MM] [ALL] OWL Visual Descriptor Ontology

[MM] Changes in response to comments by Chris Catton

[MM] Edited section 5.1

[MM] Next MM TF Teleconference

[MM] Review (partial): Image annotation on the Semantic Web

[MM] Status update for 2nd deliverable...

[MN] status Image Annotation draft

[OEP] minor bug found in Simple Part-Whole note

[OEP] request for oep telecon time

[OEP] Telecon Monday, New Time

[OEP] Time Ontology Note Review

[RDF/A] A non-XHTML Example

[SE, ALL] book on semantics in software engineering

[SE] comments on primer

[SE] Re: Unacknowledged contributions



[VM] 2006-01-17 telecon report

[VM] agenda request [Re: Telecon today]

[VM] amibuous MIME types and conditional redirects

[VM] Associating Resources with Namespaces

[VM] bug in recipes

[VM] bug in recipes ... fixes

[VM] citing purls in cookbook? [Re: [VM] HTTP Cookbook review - a response]

[VM] client-server message diagrams

[VM] cookbook revision 1.15 reorganise recipes 1 and 2 with better graphics

[VM] frag ids, 303, and browsers (was RE: httpRange-14: Use Case for RDF [302 versus 303 redirects])

[VM] graphics

[VM] HTTP Cookbook review - a response

[VM] lengh of example URIs

[VM] name for the cookbook

[VM] new cookbook editor's draft 2006-01-18 v 1.6

[VM] Notes for today's telecon

[VM] Preliminary review of HTTP cookbook by Andreas

[VM] regrets for 17 Jan VMTF

[VM] TAG clarification on 302 vs 303, PURLS and more...

[VM] Telecon agenda - Tue 2006-01-17 1400 UTC

[VM] Telecon on Thu Jan 05, 14:00 UTC

[VM] Telecon report - 2005-01-10

[VM] Telecon report - 2006-01-24

[VM] Telecon today, 1400 UTC (1500 Amsterdam)

[VM] Telecon Tuesday (today) 15:00 UTC

[VM] Tuesday Jan 24 telecon agenda

[WN] RDF version of WordNet

accept headers

comment. Defining N-ary Relations on the Semantic Web:

Fwd: reuse of part-whole ontology in WSDL RDF mapping

FYI: telecon on possible Multimedia XG

hash in ontology URI (was RE: [VM] Telecon on Thu Jan 05, 14:00 UTC)

meeting record: 2005-12-12 SWBPD telecon

meeting record: 2006-01-09

oep - status of qcr report? and request for oep telecon time

Regrets - [ALL] agenda 23 Jan telecon 1800 UTC

reuse of part-whole ontology in WSDL RDF mapping

SPARQL DESCRIBE (Personal comments)

SPARQL DESCRIBE (Personal comments) [OK?] [objection]

SPARQL Protocol for RDF LC Working Draft Published

status of part-whole ontology?

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