RE: [RDF/A] A non-XHTML Example

Hmm, it sounds like you're not willing to go there yet -- I wish you would
be though! -- and that you're leaning towards removing the statements
altogether if a "generic XML application" presents too many problems.

OK, a few other issues related to usage in XHTML2 not in any XML dialect.

1. The primer/spec should clearly state its relationship with Modular XHTML.
I suspect the XHTML2 crew is creating an optional module that contains the
RDF/A attributes; therefore the RDF/A attributes can be used in XHTML Family
document types other than just XHTML2. If not, then I'd suggest you contact
them to ensure it does perhaps requesting that it be named "RDFA" or
something. It's fortunate for RDF/A that the id and href attributes are
required in all Modular XHTML doctypes.

2. It's not clear that RDF/A attributes are used on XHTML2 namespace
elements, regardless of the type of XML entity in which they are located. In
other words, the XHTML2 elements are not necessarily located in XHTML2
entities; they can be located in any XML entity. I suggest an example of
this technique would be useful.

      <html:section about='url'>
            <span property='dc:title foo:FullName'>Jon Doe</span>

Please note that I still assume that the 'property' attribute is defined as
QNAMES, not just QNAME, in the module. If that is not to be, please tell me
why not. If it is, let me know so that I can stop asking about it.

3. An XHTML2-oriented guideline may have more gravitas if it were
co-authored with the XHTML2 WG. Within the text, I suggest readers be
directed to relevant information in the XHTML2 specification and, for the
RDF/A spec, you likely need to indicate which spec has precedence -- yours
or the XHTML2 spec -- and in what matters.

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  Yes, we set ourselves up for this one, didn't we! :)

  I should point that the Primer is careful to say "one should be able to
use RDF/A with other XML dialects, e.g. XHTML1, SVG, given proper schema
additions." That's a bit of handwaving on our part.

  We believe that RDF/A will be useful in other contexts, and will be usable
via XML Schema Modularization, but we have *not* done the legwork to
actually make that happen yet, and we probably don't want to give the
impression that RDF/A is immediately ready for use in these other languages.

  I assume from your comment that, at the very least, we need to make the
above points much clearer.


  On Jan 31, 2006, at 4:59 PM, John McClure wrote:

    The primer states that RDF/A can be used in XML streams other than
XHTML2 (the primer mentions XHTML1 and SVG). I am wondering if a sample to
that effect can be included using, for instance, Dublin Core elements ....
    <foo:Person rdf:about='someURI'>
    <dc:title rdfa:property='FullName'>Jon Doe</dc:title>
    <dc:identifier rdfa:property='SSN'>999-99-9999</dc:identifier>
    Please note that an rdfa: namespace is presumed necessary, unless one
expects every XML dialect to be as kind as XHTML has been to hardwire the
RDF/A attributes. Also note that the rdf: namespace is used for the 'about'

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