Re: [VM] TAG clarification on 302 vs 303, PURLS and more...

* Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) <> [2006-01-23 16:00-0500]
> > From: Alistair Miles
> > . . .
> > Ralph raised the point that simply asking OCLC to change 302 
> > to 303 for all responses by the PURL server is not a 
> > reasonable solution, because a 302 "Found" response code is 
> > actually quite appropriate for the majority of URIs. 
> Yes.  Maybe could offer registrants the choice when a URI is
> registered, to indicate whether they want their URI to forward using 302
> or 303.

It ought to be possible for folks to change their mind later. 

The PURL software is in Perl and freely downloadable from
(hmm I thought it was Perl, but I guess Iremembered wrong, they
have precompiled version for various Unix variants - maybe it bundles

If someone had the cycles to write a (hopefully small and easy to 
review) patch for the PURL code, maybe would be more 
likely to make the change. I'd love to take a look but don't have
time right now. Anyone else feeling purlish?


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