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I think the diagrams are helpful!  They are not quite what I intended in
my E2[1] though, so my E2 comment may still be relevant.  My intent was
to suggest saying something (very brief) at the *beginning* of the
recipe, as a way to help the reader select the appropriate recipe.  For
example, in recipe 4 you might say something like:
is 303-redirected to
or to
depending on the content type requested.

I do have one minor suggestion regarding client/server diagramming
conventions.  In client-server diagrams, I personally think it is better
to standardize on having the client on the left and server on the right.
The reason for this is that most interactions are intiated by the
client.  Thus, having the client on the left yields more of a
left-to-right flow than if the server is always on the left.  (If you
number the actions you will see what I mean.)  Obviously, this is a very
minor issue, and to a large extent it may simply reflect a matter of
personal taste, but I offer this rationale in case it resonates.  Feel
free to ignore it.

David Booth

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> Hi all,
> David Booth suggests in point E2 [1] that for each recipe we 
> should describe what the URIs actually return. I'd been 
> wanting to find some way of illustrating that graphically 
> anyway, so I added some images to recipes 1-5 illustrating 
> the results of each configuration (see rev. 1.13 of [2]). 
> What do you think?
> Responding to point E1 [1] - how could we make the URIs 
> shorter, given that they should actually work as described 
> and therefore need a supporting server appropriately 
> configured?  I'd rather leave them as is at least for the 
> first WD publication, because the 
> server is already configured to support them.  
> Cheers,
> Al.
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> [2] 
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