Re: [ALL] RDF/A Primer Version

All the points I raised in my earlier email
still apply to this new version.  A couple of additional points:

1.  The new Section 2 provides a possible place to introduce what a 
"property" is in a simple way.  In Section 2.2,  the sentence that 
starts "Jo then looks through the FoaF vocabulary..." could be changed to:

"Jo then looks through the FoaF vocabulary, and sees that the pieces of 
information that she has in her page--name, phone number and email 
address--are all the names of properties within FoaF."

A more extensive introduction to the "property" notion might be better, 
but this suggestion at least involves little added text.

2.  At the very beginning of Section 2.2, the second sentence says "All 
Jo needs to do is to add some *tags* [my emphasis] to her home page...". 
   The third sentence goes on to say "The *tags* that Terri's address 
book understands come from a special list-often called a vocabulary...". 
  In neither case is "tag" the right word (particularly since this is 
XHTML).  Syntactically, what you're adding are attributes (and their 
values), although you may want to use some informal alternative, since 
the attributes themselves don't come from something like FoaF (although 
their values do), but rather from RDF/A.


Ben Adida wrote:
> Hi all,
> I made a mistake in the version of the RDF/A Primer that I presented  at 
> the telecon yesterday. I have just finished uploading the right  
> version, which you can find here:

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