Re: [MN] status Image Annotation draft

Guus Schreiber wrote:

> I'm happy to vote for publication of the Image Annotation draft

Great - and thanks for the review!

> assuming you have taken my coments [1] into account.

Yes, we have addressed your comments, see Raphael's mail [2].

> I have not included a proposed decsion to publish in the telecon 
> agenda. Can you indicate when you expect to make this proposal?
Personally, I'd be happy to get feedback from a wider audience as soon 
as possible, so I would like to propose to go public now and discuss 
this in today's teleconf, if it is still possible to add this to the 
agenda.  If not please put it on the agenda for next teleconf. 

I have one question about the updating process of the public version 
after this decision has been made.  How easy is it to update the public 
version in TR space?  Does the WG need to vote again to copy the latest 
version of the editor's draft to TR space?  Or can the TF just ask Ralph?


> [1]


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