Re: [ALL] RDF/A Primer for review

Ben Adida wrote:
> Guus and team,
> Happy New Year!
> Please find the latest version of the RDF/A Primer at:

A few quick comments on the RDF/A Primer:

1.  Overall, a very nice job!

2.  It seems to me that "property" is used in a way which differs 
slightly from its use in both the RDF/A syntax document and RDF 
Concepts, and hence which is potentially confusing.  For example, 
Section 3.1 starts "A literal property is a string of text, e.g., 'Ben 
Adida', ..."  But in both the syntax document and RDF Concepts, 
"property" refers to something like "dc:creator" (e.g., the value of an 
RDF/A "property" attribute), and "Ben Adida" would be the *value* of 
this property (in a specific triple).  Hence it seems to me that Section 
3.1 should describe "Literal-Valued Properties" (and the intro would 
need to be changed), and Section 3.2 should describe "URI-Valued 
Properties".  (You might want to start out by saying what a "property" 

On this same subject, it might be worthwhile to consider pointing out 
that properties and their values as discussed here are similar in many 
respects to the name and content attributes in meta tags that are 
already part of HTML. The HTML spec makes the same distinction I've made 
above, describing the "name" attribute as identifying a property name, 
while "content" specifies a property value.

3.  Also in Section 3.1, the example that illustrates that the <span> 
element is not required:

<h1 property="dc:title">Vacation in the South of France</h1>
<h2>created by <span property="dc:creator">Mark Birbeck</span></h2>

still uses the <span> element in the second line, and it might be a 
clearer illustration that <span> is not required if *neither* line used 

4.  It seems to me that the Bibliography should include a reference to 
the RDF/A syntax document.


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