RE: [HTML] comments on RDF/A primer

> > provides one easy mechanism for avoiding this 
> >kind of URI clash.  For example, if you have a URI for a Web page 
> >describing Mark Birbeck:
> >
> >by prepending "" to the URI, you can 
> >easily create a URI that you can use as an identifier for Mark
> >the person:
> >
> >Dereferencing this latter URI will result in a 303-redirect to the 
> >original Web page that describes him.
> Well, in this particular case it actually yields a 403 Forbidden 
> error rather than a Web page, but I get the idea. And in any case it 
> might even be true of Mark Birkbeck that I don't have permission to 
> access him. Come to think of it, that is more likely than not.

Yeah, is doing the 303 redirect just fine, but is then giving a 403.  :(  Here's an example

of a URI for me that works fully (gives 200 result):

> >  Simple!  No servers to configure, nothing to do.
> >
> >And if is too long for your taste, 
> you can use 
> > instead, such as:
> >
> >
> >For more information, see .
> >
> >Of course, this is not the only way this problem can be 
> >solved, but I thought it would be relevant to mention it.
> My dear fellow, you are a genius. The whole idea of having to 
> generate 303 indirects is utterly insane, but given that we have to 
> do insane things from time to time, at least you have given us a way 
> to do it relatively painlessly. My heartiest congratulations (and 
> thanks).

Thanks!  :)

David Booth

Received on Tuesday, 24 January 2006 16:31:21 UTC