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>>  That isn't how I read [4]. The kind of usage you describe is not
>>  'indirect', since all the identifiers are being used with a single
>>  referent in mind: "" denotes a web page
>>  and "_:aaa" denotes its owner.
>I think what you're trying to elucidate is good, but the sentence above
>does not seem quite right.  When a single identifier is used with more
>than one referent in mind, that would normally be called "ambiguous",
>not "indirect".

OK, let me re-phrase. In the example using bnodes, there is no case 
where an identifier which has a 'normal' meaning is being 
systematically used to refer to something else. The example given in 
[4] is the use of "Downing Street" to refer to the UK government 
rather than a London street, even though it of course can also refer 
to a London street, and in fact this is the basis for this indirect 
use. But in the RDF I was referring to, no identifier is being 
overloaded in this way. The intuitive reading of the example has each 
identifier clearly referring to a single intended referent, and there 
is nothing which requires any identifier to be re-interpreted or 
overloaded by anything like the downing-street/government kind of 
double entendre. So I don't see this kind of example as having 
anything to do with indirect identification at all.

Pat Hayes

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