[VM] Notes for today's telecon

Some VM-related notes from yesterday's SWBP telecon:

Alistair: Cookbook is ready to go to public comment except
for one "bug": IE6 does not explicitly request HTML content
(i.e., "clickability" does not work in IE6).  Is that a bug
or a feature?  Two possibilities:

1) change default content type to HTML (and every RDF toolkit
   will have to request RDF content);
2) leave recipes as is and live with lack of clickability
   for IE6.

Jeremy: IE probably _should_ change to send Accept headers, 
but SW apps do not send Accept headers either; more realistic
to expect SW apps to adjust.

Ralph: Even if we accept the principle that all clients should
send Accept headers, the Cookbook should suggest default behavior.

David Booth: HTML is more appropriate for naive users than RDF.
A SW app is more likely to know what it is doing, thus more
likely to send right Accept headers.

Guus: Should be on VM agenda to ask SWBP for publication
approval on 6 February call (or explain why not).

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