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At 06:35 PM 1/4/2006 +0100, Thomas Baker wrote:

>Vocabulary Management telecon, Thu, Jan 05, 14:00 UTC (15:00 Berlin)

apologies; I did have this in my calendar but when my meeting in
the hour just prior was cancelled at the last moment I then totally
forgot about the special VMTF telecon following.

>1. Editor's Draft "HTTP configuration cookbook" [1]
>   The draft has been reviewed by David Booth [2] and Andreas
>   Harth [3].  We should discuss two issues:
>   -- How should the draft be revised in light of the reviews?

Alistair and I had talked at our special telecon on 15 December
(we forgot to take and post any notes) and Alistair left me the write
token to add some introductory prose.

I've written the bulk of what I'd intended to write in
$Id: Overview.html,v 1.12 2005/12/31 02:56:01 swick Exp $

Some of David Booth's comments were addressed in this added
material, though I did not make any particular effort to do so.

>   -- Do we still want to go for "note" status [4] within
>      the charter period for the BPD working group, and is there
>      still time to do so?

I say 'yes' to both.

>      The most recent VM telecon was held on Dec 6 [5,
>      and attached below], and this question was discussed
>      in the Dec 12 BPD telecon [6].  Note that an interim
>      telecon scheduled for Thursday, 15 December [7], did
>      not take place.

well, it did in a partial way.  Alistair and I went over our near-term
thoughts for 20 minutes and then adjourned.

One of the thoughts we batted-around a bit was on how much
design rationale to include in the document.  Alistair noted, by
way of example, his comment on the use of conditional redirects
rather than MultiViews [1].  He and I were in agreement that we
would like to provide a path for the interested reader to find such
rationale but not include it in the main body of the document.

Alistair though it might go into an appendix.  I thought we might
be able to make a separate list of citations to messages like [1]
and cite this rationale list from the document.


I propose we meet on 10 Jan at 1400 UTC.  I believe Alistair expected
to be available.


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