RE: [ALL] RDF/A Primer for review

Document reviewed:

> Please find the latest version of the RDF/A Primer at: 

This is a well-crafted piece of work.  Kudos!  It is nicely concise and
readable.  I have only minor stylistic/editorial suggestions.

1. Sec 3.1, where "dc:" first appears, it would be good to mention
(forward reference) that Sec 4.4 will explain how the dc: prefix is

2. Sec 3.2, I suggest changing:
Using the rel attribute, one can easily update this HTML to include an
RDF/A statement:"
to mention that rel expects a sibling href attribute.  Perhaps something
Using the rel attribute (which expects a sibling href attribute), one
can easily update this HTML to include an RDF/A statement:"

Also add something like the following just before the paragraph that
begins "Similarly, Shutr may want to give its users":
Because the rel attribute was used, the RDF property value came from the
href attribute instead of coming from the body of the <a> element.

3. Sec 3.2, next-to-last paragraph, the word "is" is repeated,: once in
italics and once plain.

Sec 4.1: I started wondering: Does XMLLiteral trim leading and trailing
whitespace?  Maybe it would be good to mention how/where this is

4. Sec 4.2, first paragraph: s/from a parent/from a parent or ancestor/

5. Sec 4.3: Extra space before ":" after "which behave in a special

6. Sec 4.4: I suggest putting the paragraph break before "A CURIE, e.g.,
dc:title" instead of before "We now address URI duplication".

David Booth

Received on Monday, 23 January 2006 18:05:28 UTC