[RDF/A] A non-XHTML Example

The primer states that RDF/A can be used in XML streams other than XHTML2
(the primer mentions XHTML1 and SVG). I am wondering if a sample to that
effect can be included using, for instance, Dublin Core elements ....

<foo:Person rdf:about='someURI'>
   <dc:title rdfa:property='FullName'>Jon Doe</dc:title>
   <dc:identifier rdfa:property='SSN'>999-99-9999</dc:identifier>

Please note that an rdfa: namespace is presumed necessary, unless one
expects every XML dialect to be as kind as XHTML has been to hardwire the
RDF/A attributes. Also note that the rdf: namespace is used for the 'about'


Received on Tuesday, 31 January 2006 21:58:46 UTC