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We are more than happy with your review to date and are, or course, more
than happy to aim for closure sooner rather than later. I don't believe
that any further substantial review is needed given that most of the recent
changes were around the introduction sections with a little restructuring
thrown in for good measure. However if you do have major concerns, then
opening up the note for another round of review would be fine.

I will personally ensure that new comments are catered for and an updated
version should appear online in the next couple of days.

We will still list this as 'Editors Draft' until we get your final

Any problems, just let any of the TF know.

Best Regards,

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             Jeremy Carroll                                                
             11/01/2006 14:49          Phil Tetlow/UK/IBM@IBMGB            
                                       Re: [SE] comments on primer         

Phil Tetlow wrote:
> Jeremy,
> Many thanks for your input. I guess we should wait for your complete
> of the updated version before preceeding with your comments? Can we
> a couple of weeks for further review?

I was not planning a further complete review.

My understanding was that we were looking for closure on the comments I
had already made, rather than a new review of the final doc. Hence, I
was ready to OK the doc, with the two minor changes I indicated.

I was surprised by the amount of change since the version I reviewed,
but without doing a side-by-side comparison I don't think I can tell if
the changes are significant, and I am happy to defer to your judgment.
[My sense of change may well be because in addressing my comments, the
parts of the doc on which I commented were changed]

Do you think a further review is needed?

(The version I reviewed was from just before the F2F; I can't see a
snapshot of it, but I assume it is in CVS somewhere. The figure number
that I referred to in my comments with RDFIndividual seems to be
different in all of the versions with snapshots)


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