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Recent history:
Telecons were held on Dec 6 [5] and Dec 15 [8].


1. Editor's Draft "HTTP configuration cookbook" [1] --
   editorial changes

   Note that Ralph has recently (Dec 31) added prose to
   the Introduction and Abstract to provide more context.

   In a brief telecon on Dec 15 [8], Ralph and Alistair
   discussed how much design rationale to include in the body
   of the paper, concluding that some design decisions
   (such as the use of conditional redirects rather than
   MultiViews) could be described in an appendix, in a note
   which cited arguments made on the mailing list, such as

   The draft has had two reviews:

   1.1. David Booth [2] comments:
        -- should discuss hash/slash URI trade-offs 
        -- does not like the coverage of purl.org because
           its 302 redirect code does not conform with
           TAG resolution on httpRange-14.  If purl.org
           were modified, corresponding recipes would be fine.
        -- suggests shorter URIs in examples
   1.2. Andreas Harth [3] comments:
        -- The document has too many choices - suggests
           cutting down to 3 or 4 covering 80% of the cases.
        -- Suggests content negotiation instead of mod_rewrite
        -- Suggests mod_alias instead of mod_rewrite.
        -- Maybe put purl.org examples into an appendix.

2. Status of the draft

   As of the Dec 15 telecon [8], Alistair and Ralph were in
   agreement to go for "note" status [4] within the charter
   period for the BPD working group.

3. TAG httpRange-14 decision [10]

   There have been recent comments on the list about the TAG
   decision by David Booth: [11] summarizing best practice
   issues around the decision, [12] on minting http URIs,
   and [13] on 302 versus 303 redirects; by David Wood: [15]
   with a use case for RDF; and and by Jacco van Ossenbruggen
   [1g], reviewing the comments by David Wood and David Booth.

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