[ALL] RDF/A Primer Version

Hi all,

I made a mistake in the version of the RDF/A Primer that I presented  
at the telecon yesterday. I have just finished uploading the right  
version, which you can find here:


With the WG and specifically the reviewers' approval (DBooth, GaryNg,  
and also "unofficial" reviewers), I am hoping that we can rapidly  
agree that this latest version should be the one that becomes our  
first published WD.

The only difference in content is that the new version has an extra  
section (section #2), and the old sections 2 and 3 are merged into  
the new section 3 for purely organizational purposes (no text is lost  
or added in those sections, just reorganized.) The point of the new  
section 2 is to add an even simpler introductory example. We believe  
this additional section is in line with the comments we received from  
reviewers, both official and earlier, unofficial reviews. In fact, we  
began writing it in part to respond to some of these early comments 2  
weeks ago.

The already-approved version is still at the old URL for comparison:

I want to stress that this is entirely *my* mistake: the TF had  
agreed [1,2] that this second version would be presented to the WG  
yesterday, and I simply forgot. Publishing these additional examples  
now is quite important for getting the word out about RDF/A and  
making it competitive against other metadata inclusion proposals,  
outside of W3C, that are gaining traction.

Apologies for my mistake. I hope you'll see that these edits do not  
constitute a substantive change to the document, rather they help  
make the same points more appealing to and understandable by a larger  

-Ben Adida

[1] Discussion during last segment of January 10th TF telecon:

[2] Discussion, at beginning, of Mark's new examples during January  
17th TF telecon:

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