RE: [HTML] comments on RDF/A primer

> provides one easy mechanism for avoiding this
>kind of URI clash.  For example, if you have a URI for a Web page
>describing Mark Birbeck:
>by prepending "" to the URI, you can
>easily create a URI that you can use as an identifier for Mark Birbeck,
>the person:
>Dereferencing this latter URI will result in a 303-redirect to the
>original Web page that describes him.

Well, in this particular case it actually yields a 403 Forbidden 
error rather than a Web page, but I get the idea. And in any case it 
might even be true of Mark Birkbeck that I don't have permission to 
access him. Come to think of it, that is more likely than not.

>  Simple!  No servers to configure,
>nothing to do.
>And if is too long for your taste, you can use
> instead, such as:
>For more information, see .
>Of course, this is not the only way this problem can be solved, but I
>thought it would be relevant to mention it.

My dear fellow, you are a genius. The whole idea of having to 
generate 303 indirects is utterly insane, but given that we have to 
do insane things from time to time, at least you have given us a way 
to do it relatively painlessly. My heartiest congratulations (and 

Pat Hayes

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