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A modest namespace proposal, in some detail.

A modest proposal for namespaces

A radical simplification

A uestion and possible problem

Abandoning XML

About to post reformatted questions

Altavista "Language Tags"?

Another interesting XML page out there

Are PIs useful?

Articles in PC Week

AW: Is ist always possible to define a DTD for Well Formed XMLDocume nts?

Betting our lives on error handling

Bill's example

Bray's initial comments on SD1-5

Clarification to Comments on XML-Link

Comments on [57] of Part 1

Comments on Part 1: Asian characters

Comments on Part 1: Encoding declaration

Comments on Relative URLs (Part 1, 4.3.2)

Comments on XML Part 1 from Japanese experts

Comments on XML-Link Spec


Conformance + an apology

Constraining discussion to technical matters

Data types again

Deferring Error handling + conformance testing

Deriving XML Link from HyTime Varlink

Distinguishing Attributes and Content


DTD Fragments and XML

ERB disposition of "SD" issues

ERB votes on error handling

Error Handling

Error handling: yes, I did mean it

example of xml-notation (was Re: SD1 - Short End Tags [fmt])

Extended Contextual Links

Final words, I think, on error handling

Fwd: QWeb 1.1

HDML review requested

I fought MS Word, and MS Word won

Information components (DTD fragments)

Information Week covers XML

Inter@ctive week covers XML

Introducing Myself

Is ist always possible to define a DTD for Well Formed XML Docume nts?

KISS (was: Parameter entity references in WF docs)

Link issues

Link-1: Syntax

Link-2: Pseudo-elements

Link-3: Sets, Singletons, and Determinism

Link-4: Extended Linking Group Indirection

Link-5: Extended Contextual Links

Link-6: Addressing at the sub-element level

LT XML toolset, parser, developers' API released


MathML draft finished

More empty end tag statistics

Namespace debate to begin again


News from the ERB

Notes on the process

On constraining/validating datatypes

Parameter entity references

Parameter entity references in WF docs

PC Magazine, John Dvorak - depressing reading

PERef to empty Entity in AttDef

PIFLE (was Re: Are PIs useful?)

Re Jon on Error

re LINK-1

Really short end tags

Require XML version?

SD1 - Proposal: allow in valid XML-Documents only

SD1 - Short End Tags

SD1 - Short End Tags - minimising data _with_ end tags

SD1 - Short End Tags [fmt]

SD2 - Structured Attributes

SD2 - Structured Attributes [fmt]

SD2 - Structured Attributes:

SD3 - Data Types

SD3 - Data Types [fmt]

SD4 - Schema format

SD4 - Schema Format [fmt]

SD4 - Schema format: relation to existing XML-lang

SD5 - alternates using PIs, using mulitple DOCTYPE

SD5 - Namespaces

SD5 - Namespaces (Implementation questions)

SD5 - Namespaces - New Version 2

SD5 - Namespaces [fmt]

Semi-transparent Syntax Extensions (was Re: SD5 - Namespaces)

SGML WG status

Short tags

Shorthand for default attributes (was: Re: Whitespace)

Shorttags compromise proposal.

Sudden death: request for missing input

Thoughts on namespaces

Thoughts on namespaces--No ambiguity

Thoughts on namespaces--Several active within one element, No DTD changes.

trivia, but it's a niggle

Two Cents on the Potential Cost of Short End Tags

Upcoming work items

Web Review covers XML

what's a parser's job? [was: RE: SD5 - Namespaces - New Versi on 2]

what's a parser's job? [was: RE: SD5 - Namespaces - New Version 2]


XDB 0.3 available (XMLized Docbook 3.0)


XML 1.0 priorities

XML Coverage in PC Week

XML FAQ v1.0

XML FAQ: Answers needed

XML for Structured Data

XML for Structured Data [fmt]

XML, SGML & the Web (was: Shorthand for default attributes)

XS discussion begins

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