Re: Notes on the process

[Bill Smith:]

| Consensus on XML? Perhaps. This particular issue? No. We do not have
| the "general agreement, concord, or harmony" of the WG on this
| issue. What we have is a simple majority of those participating in the
| last ERB vote.

As is very clearly stated in our charter, that is the process by which
decisions are made in this activity.  The rule has been in place since
last July and has been scrupulously adhered to throughout.  A number
of major decisions have been made on closer votes than the one on
error handling.

The concept of deciding issues by majority vote is not an invention of
this group.  In many places it is considered a good way to resolve
important questions, especially when the alternative is to do nothing.

| That you don't "have the slightest idea what the *majority* opinion"
| might be on any issue is of concern. If others on the ERB are
| similarly unaware, on what basis are votes cast and decisions made?
| The ERB has a responsibility to understand both the issues *and* the
| opinions of members of the WG - individually and collectively. If not,
| why do we bother with this mailing list and all the traffic it
| creates?

The WG does not exist to make decisions.  It exists to provide input
to the ERB.  The fact that the ERB decided something different from
what many of you felt does not mean that it did not hear you and it
does not mean that it did not understand you.  It means that after
considering what everyone had to say, an absolute majority of its
members disagreed with you.


Received on Thursday, 8 May 1997 20:05:11 UTC