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[Bug 11186] New: Why multiple is left out of URL/Telephone? Text/Search do not need multiple but URL and Telephone can really use the multiple attribute.

[Bug 11191] New: Run scripts based on a parser flag rather than on being a fragment parser

[Bug 11192] New: WebSRT sections spells tokenizer with an "s".

[Bug 11193] New: kokoko

[Bug 11194] New: Some <dd>s in the HTML tokenizer are <dd><p>s but most aren't.

[Bug 11196] New: Please add a way to hide the Working Draft warning

[Bug 11198] New: Heading structure(h1-h6) rigidity makes it very hard to reuse content

[Bug 11199] New: Need standard way to creating heading "streams"

[Bug 11200] New: gfsh

[Bug 11201] New: Hi there, Reading through the HTML5 Offline spec at , the spec is not clear on what should happen if the manifest attribute of the html tag is modified during/after the document has loaded. eg, if Javascript is u

[Bug 11203] New: Canvas security model does not allow for same-origin relaxation

[Bug 11204] New: innerHTML on MathML elements

[Bug 11205] New: The sentence describing when to fetch the poster resource is especially convoluted.

[Bug 11206] New: Presentational tag [font,b,u,i] CANNOT be removed for many reasons. Three scenarios very good scenarios: 1. HTML5 Mobile sites with BlackBerry8xxx and 9xxx support 2. HTML5 Emails 3. Legacy content 4. Injected legacy content via iframe/scripts 1) Producin

[Bug 11207] New: Make track element additions technology neutral

[Bug 11211] New: Need a way to force a line wrap with the bidi semantics of LINE SEPARATOR when necessary.

[Bug 11212] New: Make all the radio button group suffering from being missing (instead of only radio's with the required attribute)

[Bug 11213] New: here is coment

[Bug 11214] New: here is coment

[Bug 11215] New: What about folders? On OSX for example some "files" are actually folders. There should be a way to drag in folders too.

[Bug 11217] New: Footnotes I find it hard to believe, that even today, HTML does not include a specific element for including notes within the text. Notes are necessary for the full argumentation in the text without still belonging to the main text itself, and they includ

[Bug 11223] New: New standard format for coding breadcrumbs (rel="up up up") makes it hard for XSLT parsing

[Bug 11224] New: There is no way to save changes made to content tagged as contenteditable="true" other than with javascript (which makes it inaccessible)

[Bug 11225] New: You should allow the part after the at sign to be ldh-str 0*( "." ldh-str ), or whatever the proper syntax is, to allow "username@localhost". This might actually be useful for testing web apps, and it doesn't seem like it would cause any extra harm. Plu

[Bug 11226] New: "the element selected in by the previous step" should be "/context/"

[Bug 11227] New: not supported on input type=number? or should implementors restrict # of digits based on max value?

[Bug 11229] New: Try making an author-specific edition that has one page per section, a tree on the side, and ben's styles, as per

[Bug 11231] New: "User agents are expected to allow users to navigate browsing contexts to the resources indicated by the cite attributes on q, blockquote, section, article, ins, and del elements." remove section and article

[Bug 11232] New: What about the form element vs the form role?

[Bug 11234] New: Invalidate documents whose text content contains improperly balanced bidi formatting characters

[Bug 11235] New: Support a rel attribute that restricts cookie transmission

[Bug 11237] New: If there's an itemtype="", then the itemprop="" names can be anything listed in the specification that defines the given itemtype="". I should probably clarify that such a specification should only use colons and dots in keywords that are absolute URLs, t

[Bug 11238] New: Enable canvas to support accessible rich text editing

[Bug 11239] New: Canvas support accessible caret tracking independent of Focus Ring tracking

[Bug 11240] New: Canvas support accessible selection position tracking independent of Focus Ring tracking

[Bug 11241] New: Canvas support accessible Focus Ring tracking independent of caret or selection tracking

[Bug 11242] New: Canvas must define what HTML elements may be used in the DOM Subtree

[Bug 11243] New: we should have a media element best practices section

[Bug 11244] New: Should we say that a <video> element doesn't plan when moved around in a document rather than removed?

[Bug 11245] New: I cannot find an explicit statement about XML compatibility of empty attributes. In former XHTML standards, the syntax used to be <input checked="checked".../> Now with the implied value "" of empty attributes, the syntax is <input checked=""/> as I under

[Bug 11247] New: I think it would be a good practice to throw a QUOTA_EXCEEDED_EXCEPTION just some seconds (i.e. 5s) BEFORE the QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR is thrown. This would give us a way to convict the script/data in a clean state with(out) or at least less corrupted

[Bug 11248] New: this is a test review

[Bug 11249] New: all downloads sayin file unnsopported

[Bug 11252] New: itemscope is missing

[Bug 11253] New: "User agents may wait for a suitable break in the user's interaction before queuing the task; for example, a user agent could wait for the user to have not hit a key for 100ms, so as to only fire the event when the user pauses, instead of continuously for

[Bug 11254] New: Could you just say outright that <b>, <i>, <s>, <sup>, <sub>, <br>, and maybe others are typographical and not semantic? They're in HTML because Unicode doesn't cover them and CSS can't, because you need to mark up inline where they go. They're no more

[Bug 11256] New: Obtaining correct outline when article is entire body of document X

[Bug 11258] New: the select element (and others) should have a readonly attribute

[Bug 11259] New: Use "MUST" consistently to express normative requirements

[Bug 11260] New: Constraints on comments

[Bug 11261] New: Bogus reference to CDATA attributes

[Bug 11262] New: Is there no U+0000 NULL handling in the Attribute value (single-quoted) state?

[Bug 11263] New: Most browsers seem to clear to transparent -white- by default, since this results in much nicer blended edges in antialiased-graphics.

[Bug 11264] New: section in article or article in section

[Bug 11265] New: section in article or article in section

[Bug 11271] New: misleading CVS ref in "status of this document"

[Bug 11273] New: typo? "and table captions, and are " in the 2nd para.

[Bug 11274] New: Missing ] after [PutForwards=value for

[Bug 11275] New: ikjljjpñpñopñiñklñklñklñ djdjfjd djfd kf e elr e kdf dsfj df iasjd asdlk wejied kjsd ijkjqwe ijwq sad iasjd oasjdoasjd asodjqowd

[Bug 11277] New: small penis...way to small for this task

[Bug 11278] New: fix the damn javascript in this page, it makes firefox freeze under ubuntu

[Bug 11279] New: the "assigned access key" section doesn't seem to know if it's a definition or a requirement. Should probably be rephrased to more correctly use RFC2119.

[Bug 11281] New: It work very well. But it have any problem about SVN . If you have some help please suggested me. Thank you very much.

[Bug 11283] New: html5 video

[Bug 11285] New: You're missing an "and" or something here, it's not clear when the last clause is applicable: if the algorithm was invoked in the attribute mode, any occurrences of the """ character by the string "&quot;", or if it was not, any occurrences of the "<" cha

[Bug 11287] New: 'setCustomValidity' call in <input> element should use 'oninput' event...

[Bug 11289] New: *novels*? Please cite at least one of them, it sounds interesting!

[Bug 11291] fuck you bitch suck my cock

[Bug 11291] New: fuck you bitch suck my cock

[Bug 11292] New: The poster attribute gives the address of an image file that the user

[Bug 11293] New: please update WEBLINK ref

[Bug 11294] New: update prose about HTTP Link header

[Bug 11295] New: Make script-inserted external scripts that have .async=false execute in the insertion order, default to true

[Bug 11296] New: dirname should be listed before disabled

[Bug 11298] New: Surrogate catching doesn't belong in input stream preprocessing

[Bug 11299] New: The IDL for HTMLVideoElement has a syntax error: "[PutForwards=value attribute DOMSettableTokenList audio;"

[Bug 11300] New: Remove form owner from scope chain in event handlers

[Bug 11301] New: "Run" and "execute" shouldn't mean different things, it's extremely confusing. Rename "run" to "attempt to execute" or something.

[Bug 11302] New: In 'A start tag whose tag name is "select"' perhaps the first step needs to be somethiing like: "If the current node is an option element then act as if an end tag with the tag name "option"had been seen." Similar statements in the same section for the op

[Bug 11303] New: "extensions to the predefined set of link types" is not xreffed

[Bug 11304] New: Update "(the item="" and itemprop="" attributes)"

[Bug 11305] New: Remove stuff present in DOM Core

[Bug 11307] New: hjh hj hjh

[Bug 11308] New: $(function() { $('.rollover').hover(function() { var currentImg = $(this).attr('src'); $(this).attr('src', $(this).attr('hover')); $(this).attr('hover', currentImg); }, function() { var currentImg = $(this).attr('sr

[Bug 11309] New: This doesn't take account of null characters; they should likely be ignored as in the In Body case

[Bug 11310] New: room in rome

[Bug 11311] New: At The link under "This Version:" is not working. returns Error 404, "Sorry, Not Found."

[Bug 11313] New:

[Bug 11314] New: Safari 5.0.2 (6533.18.5) appears to have implemented showModalDialog

[Bug 11316] New: <html xmlns=""> <head> </head> <body leftmargin="0" margin="0" topmargin="0" marginheight="0" offset="0" bgcolor='#ffffff' > <table width="100%" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" bgcolor='#ffffff' > <tr> <td valign="top" align="

[Bug 11317] New: Update to, ed. annevk

[Bug 11318] New: Get rid of the obnoxious "This is a word in progress"

[Bug 11319] New: I would think the pattern attribute ought to allow patterns to specify ignoring case. We have a system in place where users can enter product codes in (they match a pattern), but also would like to match certain specific strings (e.g. "freight") and want

[Bug 11320] New: IE and Gecko also invoke onerror for compile time syntax errors

[Bug 11322] New: The date format should be customizable. Provide ability to set a custom format (yyyy/MM/dd) or the locale (eg: an-AU, ru-RU) which browsers have to respect.

[Bug 11323] New: Don't run scripts when the owner doc isn't the inserter parser's doc or when the owner doc is not the same at "run" and "execute" time

[Bug 11324] New: Warning in /TR documents

[Bug 11326] New: A proposal to add web application access to home network A/V devices and content

[Bug 11327] New: media.canPlayType() should be generalized

[Bug 11328] New: a11y, a11ytf, a11y_canvas

[Bug 11329] New: HTML 5 supporting browsers must generate resize event during a zoom.

[Bug 11332] New: The term "streaming user agent" is used in several places throughout the spec but its meaning is not defined and not immediately clear. Would be good to define it.

[Bug 11333] New: The usage of the title tag is outdated. Please update with a new name for the tag.

[Bug 11337] New: Some ASCII-compatible encodings have harmless substitutions

[Bug 11338] New: Zeros says we should add a note here saying something like "In the HTML serialization, namespace prefixes and namespace declarations are non-conforming and are do not have the same effect as in XML. In particular, the colon has no special meaning in HTML

[Bug 11339] New: hola queria decir que chupas poyas a raudales

[Bug 11340] New: me gustan los manogo

[Bug 11342] New: The TextMetrics baseline must provide a baseline property

[Bug 11343] New: Browsers allow *any* element to match :active between a mousedown on it and the subsequent mouseup. The definition of :active should change to match this behavior.

[Bug 11344] New: Browsers allow *any* element to match :active between a mousedown on it and the subsequent mouseup. The definition of :active should change to match this behavior.

[Bug 11345] New: "Errors that result in disproportionally poor performance" has a bad example. It doesn't result in disproportionally poor performance (the conforming alternative also has to examine all open elements, one at a time for each close tag). A better example is

[Bug 11346] New: hnbfkbg fdlkjh lhghf gh

[Bug 11347] New: Submitting a partially downloaded form

[Bug 11353] New: Instead of "If rowspan is zero, then let cell grows downward be true, and set rowspan to 1," it should read, If rowspan is zero, then set rowspan to 1. If rowspan is greater than 1, then let cell grows downward be true.

[Bug 11356] New: what event should fire when i choose something from a datalist - onchange or onselect? on the input element or the datalist element?

[Bug 11359] New: When I compare the processing of attribute value in single/double quoted state it's different to unqoted. <a href=' and <a href=" forces to ignore markup until EOF or next quote what is really not good.

[Bug 11360] New: Document.compatMode semantics not specified

[Bug 11363] New: ins/del inside ruby

[Bug 11364] New: Can you add link protection for audio and video tag?

[Bug 11365] New: "An rp element whose parent element is not a ruby element" - confusing, as this doesn't seem to be supported based upon contexts in which this element can be used.

[Bug 11366] New: 1.9.2 - Syntax Errors - Unclear Regarding HTML vs XML Syntax

[Bug 11367] New: 1.10 - Typo - missing "a"

[Bug 11368] New: Missing Typographic Convention - Switch Construct

[Bug 11369] New: 2.4 - "overlong forms" not well defined

[Bug 11370] New: was not supported,

[Bug 11371] New: Some elements not allowed to take RDFa attributes - list seems pretty arbitrary.

[Bug 11373] New: yes good asdf as f sf sadf sdf sd fs adf sadf sd fas fasd f asdf asdf sadf sadf asdf asd f asdf asdf

[Bug 11374] New: i want to do it web..can u teach me..

[Bug 11377] New: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <!-- vim:ts=2: --> <html> <head> <title>Angelo Arrifano :: Home Page</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="global.css"

[Bug 11378] New: 2.6.1 - typo - "url" should read "fallback base url"

[Bug 11379] New: 2.6.1 - definition of hierarchical URL inconsistent with rfc 3986

[Bug 11380] New: 2.6.1 - unhelpful and vague note - needs more specifics

[Bug 11381] New: e is defined to contain one or more URLs, then on getting, t

[Bug 11382] New: I want to add my vote for being allowed to link to scripts as an external linked resource.

[Bug 11383] New: Why can section have the log role, but not the marquee role?

[Bug 11386] New: Defer <video> rendering (letterboxing) to CSS

[Bug 11387] New: if the dropped element is p.e. an link (default draggable) from another website, how to get the origin url, where the dragged element is from?

[Bug 11391] New: Define examples of an actual <track> URI

[Bug 11392] New: 2.6.3. - typo - "will have" should read "has"

[Bug 11393] New: End tag fails to break out of foreign content

[Bug 11395] New: Use media queries to select appropriate <track> elements

[Bug 11397] New: Additional compositing operations such as 'max-alpha' and 'min-alpha' would make it much easier to make soft brush and eraser tools in painting applications.

[Bug 11399] New: The ability to lock individual channels (i.e. prevent them from being updated by drawing functions) would allow for some interesting composition tricks, such as drawing directly to the alpha channel.

[Bug 11402] New: One problem of todays JavaScript libraries is, that the client has to download the same library over and over again, while visiting multiple sites. One could use services like Google Libraries API for a central location, but that introduces new points of

[Bug 11403] New: this is not work

[Bug 11405] New: Why You Guys Taking So Much Time for HTML5....

[Bug 11410] New: ..."and make your feedback harder to understand" ??? I will do my best for u not to understand me!!! ;o)

[Bug 11411] New: The encoding sniffing algorithm doesn't match the 'in head' insertion mode in some case when <meta> has both charset and content attributes

[Bug 11412] New: <meta content> handling inconsistent with <meta charset> handling in 'in head'

[Bug 11413] New: great stuff this is really good quality work

[Bug 11414] New: The first attribute with a given name should take precedence in the encoding sniffing algorithm

[Bug 11418] New: No reference in this file

[Bug 11423] New: Character sets not registered with IANA

[Bug 11424] New: Style of the <s> element is NOT defined in the specs of HTML5. That is why I suggest that explanation of the <strike> element is changed to "... , otherwise use <s> and CSS instead."

[Bug 11426] New: Meta prescan should run on the first 1024 bytes

[Bug 11427] New: should allow use of xml:id for XHTML5

[Bug 11428] New: The steps for "A sequence of bytes starting with a 0x3C byte (ASCII <), optionally a 0x2F byte (ASCII /), and finally a byte in the range 0x41-0x5A or 0x61-0x7A (an ASCII letter)" seems bogus if the read byte in step 1 is ">". Consider <html>a="<meta char

[Bug 11429] New: If allow-top-navigation is set, can the content navigate to a javascript url to run scripts in the parent domain?

[Bug 11430] New: A link with an empty target="" or a link with no target at all is not an "explicit self-navigation override".

[Bug 11431] New: should mention that .toDataURL() for image/jpeg acts as if the image was composited against black

[Bug 11433] New: traversing the history when the next session entry is for the same document shouldn't try to unload the document

[Bug 11435] New: open window as a new sessoin

[Bug 11436] New: Tweak note on bidi behavior of newline in pre

[Bug 11437] New: in the example, French translation with PDF, the attribute values need to be in quotes. So it should be <link rel="alternate" type="application/pdf" hreflang="fr" href="manual-fr">

[Bug 11438] New: quotes left off of the <input name=topic> tag. It should be <input name="topic">

[Bug 11440] New: please ignore, THIS IS A TEST

[Bug 11441] New: "The img must not be used as a layout tool." Missing "element"?

[Bug 11442] New: The "list of the descendant browsing contexts" algorithm needs to include something for appending the child browsing context to the list - otherwise the recursion always generates empty lists.

[Media Fragments URI specification and HTML5: call for review]

[Minutes] HTML-A11Y media sub-team telecon Nov. 10, 2010

a meta comment about the CPs for ISSUE-125 and ISSUE-126

ACTION-127 (IANA rel regs that are currently deferred)

ACTION-196 (IANA rel regs that are currently deferred)

Adding a warning to Working Drafts pointing to Editor's Drafts

Adopting the media accessibility requirements

Agenda / time slots for TPAC meetings November 4-5

author-only view of HTML5 and ACTION-190

Categorization of media a11y requirements

Change proposal for ISSUE-124, was: ISSUE-124 (rel-limits): Chairs Solicit Proposals

Change Proposal for ISSUE-125

Change Proposal for ISSUE-126

Change Proposal for ISSUE-127

Change Proposal: ISSUE-122 Text Alternatives

Change Proposals Regarding ISSUE-31

Change Proposals Regarding Missing alt and Conformance (ISSUE 31)

changed order of canvas and ARIA sessions at f2f

DL for CP on link registry at the W3C

DV-14 Media Accessibility and API for Media Resource 1.0

Executing script-inserted external scripts in insertion order

Focusing from an anchor link, esp. on form fields

Fwd: ISSUE-121 (http-caching): Chairs Solicit Proposals

Fwd: Transition Announcement: XHTML+RDFa 1.1 Last Call

hgroup and ARIA outline in ISSUE-129 [Was: SSUE-129: replace or modify the ARIA section of the HTML5 spec - chnage proposal and replacement spec text]

hgroup and heading roles section in ISSUE-129 change proposal modified

HTML WG: ISSUE-120 Use of prefixes is too complicated for a Web technology

ISSUE 128 figure-in-p: Any interest in further proposals?

ISSUE-118 CP 2

ISSUE-118 CP 3

ISSUE-124 CP 2

ISSUE-124 rel-limits - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-128 (figure-in-p): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-130 table-layout: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-132 drop-color-input: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-133 modal-attribute: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-134 (tag-states): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-136 (remove-small): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-137 case-insensitive: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-138 (mutate-action): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-27(rel-ownership) Call for Change Proposal advocates

Media Accessibility Discussion (Was RE: Adopting the media accessibility requirements))

Media Fragments URI specification and HTML5: call for review

Minutes from ePub session of HTML WG at TPAC

Minutes from HTML WG F2F at TPAC

Minutes of IETF topic session from HTML WG F2F

Potential HTML WG TPAC Testing Discussion Items

proposal: drop emails from public-html human lists

Request for Last Call review of RDFa Core 1.1 and XHTML+RDFa 1.1

Slightly updated CP for 124

Slightly updated CP for 124, was: Change proposal for ISSUE-124, was: ISSUE-124 (rel-limits): Chairs Solicit Proposals

SSUE-129: replace or modify the ARIA section of the HTML5 spec - chnage proposal and replacement spec text

suggestion for abolition of <hgroup>

the spec warning

Tuesday, November 9, 16:00 UTC - Accessibility Task Force Bug-Triage Sub-Team Meeting

Updated change proposal for ISSUE-27, was: ISSUE-27(rel-ownership) Call for Change Proposal advocates

W3C registries (ISSUE-27), was: DL for CP on link registry at the W3C

Wanting to understand the load event for inline scripts

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