Re: ISSUE-27(rel-ownership) Call for Change Proposal advocates

On 10.11.2010 14:16, Sam Ruby wrote:
> The HTML WG Chairs are evaluating the status of the current three
> different ISSUE-27: rel-ownership change proposals. See:
> ...

For those who didn't attend the TPAC 
(<>), or were 
in a different session, here's an update about the IANA link relations 

- The "Web Linking" spec has been published as RFC 5988 (see 
<>, also 
<> for an HTML version)

- The IANA registry is up at 

- There's a mailing list for submitting/discussion link relations, 
archives at 

- Mark Nottingham is running an issue tracker for tracking the status of 
registration requests at <>

- Mike Smith has submitted registrations for the link relations defined 
in the HTML5 spec, of these ~10 have been approved and are in the 
registry, some are in progress, and 8 are deferred, awaiting resolution 
of open issues in *this* Working Group.

Best regards, Julian

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