Re: ISSUE-27(rel-ownership) Call for Change Proposal advocates

On 11/10/2010 08:27 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:
> On 10.11.2010 14:16, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> The HTML WG Chairs are evaluating the status of the current three
>> different ISSUE-27: rel-ownership change proposals. See:
>> Before the Chairs issue a survey on this issue we would like to ensure
>> that there is AT LEAST one "advocate" in the WG for each of the three
>> change proposals. If there are NO advocates for one or more of the
>> proposals then the Chairs propose to drop that change proposal from the
>> eventual WG survey on Issue-27 since we believe that will greatly
>> simplify the survey and the results processing.
>> Please reply to this email if you are an advocate FOR one or more of the
>> following change proposals with a clear indication of which proposal(s)
>> you support:
>> 1. Change Proposal: Replace Wiki-Based Link Relation Registry with IANA
>> registry proposed by "Web Linking" draft
>> ...
> Me.
> Note that the change proposal originated from Mark Nottingham; I'm not
> sure whether it should be updated before a poll (reflecting publication
> of RFC 5988, supporting web sites, and initial registrations), though.

Just be aware: we only intend to survey and evaluate proposals which 
actually are received.

> Best regards, Julian

- Sam Ruby

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