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updated minutes 2015-08-19 Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 31 August)

[note] Web Annotation Protocol WebPlatform Specs Notes Archiver (Friday, 28 August)

[admin] Welcome to the Web Annotation WG Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 28 August)

[web-annotation] Publish a temporary testing JSON-LD context doc for use with JSON-LD Playground (etc) BigBlueHat via GitHub (Wednesday, 26 August)

Multiplicity and Roles Robert Sanderson (Monday, 24 August)

[web-annotation] is, has and alike are implied Sarven Capadisli via GitHub (Monday, 24 August)

CFC: Basic Roles Proposal Robert Sanderson (Sunday, 23 August)

Roles Proposals Robert Sanderson (Sunday, 23 August)

Re: [web-annotation] The spec status of the roles' document set to 'base' Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Sunday, 23 August)

Ezra Klein (and Vox) Need Web Annotations! Doug Schepers (Sunday, 23 August)

[web-annotation] Dropping type from ... what? Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Wednesday, 19 August)

[web-annotation] Keeping the OA ontology up to date Sarven Capadisli via GitHub (Wednesday, 19 August)

[web-annotation] PROV-O Mapping Sarven Capadisli via GitHub (Wednesday, 19 August)

Meeting minutes 2015-08-19 Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 19 August)

Data Model Assumptions Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 18 August)

[Agenda] Web Annotation Teleconference 19 August 2015 Robert Sanderson (Tuesday, 18 August)

My thoughts on the multi-body alternatives (as shown on Tim's wiki page) Ivan Herman (Sunday, 16 August)

(Trying to have) improved the multi-body example wiki page Ivan Herman (Sunday, 16 August)

Regrets in advance 8/19&26 Denenberg, Ray (Friday, 14 August)

[web-annotation] Newline escaping in embedded content Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Friday, 14 August)

Fwd: Anyone can say anything about anything Robert Sanderson (Friday, 14 August)

Fwd: Data Quality Vocabulary - feedback welcome! Robert Sanderson (Friday, 14 August)

Just for completeness: multi-body annotations in named graphs Ivan Herman (Friday, 14 August)

comments on the multiple body scenarios wiki page Ivan Herman (Friday, 14 August)

[web-annotation] format in the model for Embeded Textual Body? Ivan Herman via GitHub (Friday, 14 August)

Re: [web-annotation] avoid constraining HTTP Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Thursday, 13 August)

Web Annotations and ePub Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 13 August)

JSON-LD serialization and linked data support Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 12 August)

-1 to Multiple JSON serializations Robert Sanderson (Wednesday, 12 August)

@context file Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 12 August)

Minutes of meeting 2015-8-12 Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: [web-annotation] Made the changes on the JSON LD context Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Wednesday, 12 August)

Agenda: Web Annotation Teleconference 12 August 2015 Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 10 August)

Fwd: TPAC 2015, Sapporo, Japan - Reminder to Register Robert Sanderson (Friday, 7 August)

[note] WebPlatform Specs Notes Archiver (Friday, 7 August)

[web-annotation] Should we systematically use typing in the model (and in the examples)? Ivan Herman via GitHub (Thursday, 6 August)

JSON-LD Context Robert Sanderson (Wednesday, 5 August)

Roles, multiple bodies, and creating wiki page of potential solution Timothy Cole (Wednesday, 5 August)

Meeting minutes, 2015-08-05 Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 5 August)

Plans to attend TPAC - please complete questionnaire Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 5 August)

roles and multiple bodies Denenberg, Ray (Tuesday, 4 August)

[web-annotation] Remove "dereference" requirements from the Model Rob Sanderson via GitHub (Monday, 3 August)

RE: Annotate same text fragment. Timothy Cole (Monday, 3 August)

Agenda: Web Annotation Teleconference 5 August 2015 Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 3 August)

[note] WebPlatform Specs Notes Archiver (Monday, 3 August)

Re: Multiple bodies v. multiple annotations: annotating a base annotation Jacob Jett (Monday, 3 August)

Re: [model] Clarifying annotation architecture Ivan Herman (Monday, 3 August)

Re: Multiple bodies v. multiple annotations: annotating a base annotation Suhrbier, Lutz (Monday, 3 August)

[note] Web Annotation Data Model WebPlatform Specs Notes Archiver (Sunday, 2 August)

FYI: String Matching and Searching draft is now available Ivan Herman (Saturday, 1 August)

Re: Draft Minutes from teleconference 22 July 2015 Ivan Herman (Saturday, 1 August)

Re: Draft minutes 15 July 2015 teleconference Ivan Herman (Saturday, 1 August)

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